Friday, October 28, 2016

Jack is *gulp* 10. TEN!!

My baby. My sweet, little, "I'm gonna eat your toe-ies" baby boy is 10! Two whole digits!

I can't believe it.

He still loves Toy Story and his favorite buddies are Woody and Elmo. He still hangs out with his blue blanket and it goes to bed with him. He wears his glasses daily, without complaint. He mostly uses the bathroom appropriately, but has wet accidents very occasionally and #2 accidents about the same. He's usually wet in the morning and wears a pull up every night. He writes letters fairly well but still doesn't read or write words without mimicing. No math either. He loves kisses at bedtime but tries very hard to pretend he doesn't. He likes school but his behavior has gradually gotten more non-compliant. It's very hard to get him to do anything that isn't his idea.

I think, at the time of his birth, I was still coming to grips with the reality that we would have a child with special needs. I had no idea how much I would love him. Deep in my soul, I need him like I need air, love him. Even when he is at his worst behavior-wise, one sad look and I absolutely melt. It's pathetic, actually.

I will add pics to this post. Didn't get any decent ones yesterday. Hopefully this weekend I will get some good ones!

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