Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Day!

(I’m putting up a post on Dasha's blog also!)

Ah, it was a good day.  I got a Dashlyn charm for my necklace with charms on it of the other kids.  (I had hoped to get it last year after coming home with our Ukrainian princess but this year isn’t too late I think ;). )Allan got his new planner pages and a couple of pizza baking stones (he asked for them, I swear!).

Jack started out the morning finding a package of oreo cookies.  They were minding their own business sitting meekly on the counter.  He insisted on having one then ran over to stand in front of the cabinets and said “camera”.  Of course, I ran to find the camera faster than the speed of light and took this photo.  (Catch that??  He SAID camera!  Woo hoo!!)


Soon after that, it was present time!

Andrew opened a gift that he then shared with his siblings:

P1050572 P1050579


Everyone got something they liked.  Dasha decided she likes opening presents :). 



Daddy got a new phone (with a teeny little short cord).  Okay maybe he was just borrowing Dasha’s!


P1050574 P1050576

P1050587 P1050588

After present time, we ate brunch, played with our new stuff, took naps, went out after dark to see pretty lights, ate late dinner pizza (remember the stones??), and watched the entire season 4 of Big Bang Theory (another gift)!  We stayed in our jammies ALL DAY!  It was a great day!

Hope you all had a terrific day too!  Happy Birthday Jesus!

Monday, December 26, 2011

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

And 2 little kids were ready for Santa to come!  The basement was picked up and they were dressed in cute and cozy sleepers.  First we set out cookies and milk.  (Dasha’s signing cookie!)


And now Jack is signing cookie.  (It was really hard to convince them to NOT eat the cookies!  I still don’t think they have a clue why they were on the table haha.)


I think Jack is thinking if he just gets a little closer, maybe no one will notice if some of the cookies go missing…..


And then D decided to watch Andrew play some last minute video games:


And back to Christmas prep….

The traditional reading of The Night Before Christmas (right after Dasha checked her phone one last time before bed, while Jack loses patience!)



And finally, the usual Christmas tree pics, one after everyone goes to bed (Mom and Dad got the little kids a kitchen!  I can’t wait to play to watch the littles play with it)and one after Santa visits!



(I love our tree.  Nothing formal or decorator about it, just every ornament we’ve collected or the kids have made on it with tons of colored lights!  Love, love, love!)

Next post – Christmas day!