Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Every 2 Weeks.....

Jack gets sick every 2 weeks. Or, it's the same cold and just flares up again but it's every 2 weeks, on a Tues. It happens to be the same Tues that his OT and ST are scheduled on. So we've missed a few. Today he woke up with a fever again so we missed OT and I left a messsage for ST. She didn't get it and showed up anyway but it worked out because he had some ibuprofen about a 1/2 and hour earlier and was actually feeling better. We'll see what happens when the medicine wears off!

Thanksgiving is in 2 days! My parents are coming to visit so that'll be fun. Then getting ready for Christmas will begin in earnest! One of my favorite times of the year - decorating, buying presents, Christmas music - love it! I've ordered my Christmas cards and have started trying to figure out where to put the tree this year (we re-arranged the living room). I'm thinking Jack will really enjoy Christmas this year, the lights and cookies and all. Hope my hubby can get the lights on the house this weekend!

I'm having fun putting pics on every time so here's a pic from last year (getting ready to put up the lights):

Friday, November 21, 2008

I'm behind!

So to catch up on us:
Jack is MUCH better! I'm still turning on the humidifier in his room every night and his poor little nose is a bit stuffy and he coughs every once in a great while, but I think he's in pretty good shape.

Andrew had the awards night for fall sports at school. He got a football patch for the letterman's jacket that he still wants. I should have planned to get it by now but it wasn't at the top of his list and they're very expensive so it'll be awhile. He could use it now too - it's 24 degrees outside right now. So he has the football and his graduation year numbers - got those last year. It's such an amazing feeling to see your child up on a stage, shaking someone's hand as they get recognized for doing something good. I'm proud of my kids pretty much all the time, but that nearly brings me to tears. He's such a neat kid. Can't wait to see how he turns out!

My friend Martina has a daughter that's about 8 mos older than Jack and she has some toys that she's outgrown. So Jack got some new toys for his birthday and then he got MORE new toys from his friend! One of them is a Little Tykes xylophone which we've never had so that's really cool. His therapists are gonna be happy about the new variety of "stuff".

Madelyn has a couple of friends interested in the book series "Twilight" by Stephanie Meyer. They told her she really has to get into it. With the movie out today, she and I have been reading like crazy so we can go see it. We both finished the first one, and she's working on the second, and we both are really enjoying them. Tomorrow we go to the movie with one of her dance friends and one of my dance mom friends! Yay! A movie, and we get to hang with our friends! Hope the movie is as good as the book!

Last Sun, I realized Tyler's birthday was coming up this Sat (tomorrow)! So we hurried up and decided what he wanted to do (he was really in no hurry to figure it out, can you believe it?), and I called his friends (well, their parents) and the party was tonight! We took the boys out for pizza and then came back here and they played video games. They stuffed themselves full of ice cream at the restaurant so we didn't even have cake but that's okay, it'll give us something fun to do tomorrow, on his real birthday! He's such a neat kid! I kept asking him "what do you want to do?" and he kept saying "play with my friends" so that's what we did. He's so easy, and doesn't complain, and just pretty much goes with the flow. I guess that's 'cause he has a big brother that he'd do anything for and a big sister that flips out over nothing and anything. He has an amazing sense of humor, he's so smart, and cute, and loves to take care of Jack. I would so fall in love with him if I were an unrelated 9 or 10 year old girl!

Tomorrow is our movie, an open house for Chistmas gift stuff at my friend Adrienne's, and more birthday fun (I saved our presents to give him). Sun we get to chill. Since I don't have any pics of tonight yet, here's a rare one of me and Jack:

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sick Baby!

I know he's not really a baby but Jack is my baby. When he got up Mon, he just felt crappy. He had a fever, not real high but enough to make him feel yucky all day. He wasn't interested in food (very unlike him) and just wanted to sit and be held all day. That, I can do! So we wore jammies all day and sat in the recliner. He'd perk up a little when the Tylenol kicked in, and get on the floor, and look at his toys, then look at me like "now what do I do?". So I'd say, "do you want to get back up here with me?" and he'd put his little arms up and we'd sit again.

He slept well Mon night and then woke up a little perkier Tues. Since he really hadn't eaten I thought we'd try a little food. Turned his nose up at cereal and I didn't want to give him applesauce 'cause sometimes that causes yucky diapers when they're sick, so tried yogurt. He liked it, and then threw it up about 15 mins later. On me. So back to the recliner we went (after new jammies). Later on he ate a few cherrios and drank some juice. Last night while I was at a meeting, Daddy gave him mac & cheese. He kept it down and was actually walking around a bit last night.

So we'll see what happens today.

So all this started me thinking about what (as moms) we do that I KNOW would have freaked me out pre-children. For instance - last night I realized, when getting ready for bed, that I had a big glob of dried, chewed up cheerio on the collar of my shirt. I had been to a PTO meeting. Where I am the President. And we spoke with a man who was "interviewing" to be the Santa at our annual Breakfast with Santa event. Sigh. Here's another example: This morning I realized there were 3 cans almost half-full of soda sitting around where kids were eating dinner or doing homework or watching TV last night. I don't know whose they were or why they weren't finished. Didn't even think about it really. But as I gathered them up, I DRANK THEM. It seemed more efficient than just dumping the contents down the sink. But later on, I wondered why the heck I would do that?! Because I'm a mom who hates to see soda wasted, since we don't always have it (these were left-over from Jack's party). And of course, the biggest thing that's changed about me post-children - I no longer freak out when getting barfed on. Sad. Very sad, but true.

I do have some good news to blog about today. My dishwasher died. (Okay so it starts out bad but just wait!) So we bought a new one. And my wonderful husband installed it. And after lots of plumbing changes, IT WORKS!! We didn't buy the most expensive one (not even close!), but it looks nice and IT WORKS!!

So guess what the pics for today are?
Sick baby (awwww)

new dishwasher!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

My Little Smartie

I can always count of one of my kids to put me over the edge so I lose it OR bring me back with something smart, or cute, or sweet. Today Jack did something smart, and he knew it! I was sitting on the edge of my bed, folding laundry. Jack wandered in, holding his cup (he's doing great with that, BTW) and wanted to put it up on the bed. My bed is kinda high - I'll post a pic some time - so he was pushing it as high as he could and I was putting it up a little farther so it would sit upright. Then he would reach and make his little "I want" noise and I'd hand it back. We did this about 3 times and finally I started saying "you have to say mmmmmmmmmilk". Without taking his eyes off me or skipping a beat, the little stinker SIGNED "milk"! I jumped off the bed and made such a big deal out of that; he just smiled real big like he was just waiting for the right time to surprise me! He did it several times after that too.

Speaking of Jack drinking out of a cup, he's become a pro with a straw! He had a real hard time with those little bitty juice box straws at first, but now he hardly dribles at all. That doesn't mean he doesn't drool - that's a separate issue (some of us are mouth breathers), but what he drinks seems to go straight down!

I also started Christmas shopping this weekend. It's nice to get some of that out of the way. It won't be a BIG Christmas, but the kids will get a few of the things on their lists and a couple of surprises too. My phone is working and we had to get a new TV this year so I probably won't get much. Since Jack has been a part of the family, he's lost about 4 of my earrings, one from each pair of course, so maybe a new pair of earrings. If only Santa would bring me a 40 lb. weight loss - that would be my greatest gift ever!! I plan to ask my mom for some of those Brita water filters. We have a pitcher, but the filters are kind of expensive. That's one of those things it's easy to not buy when there are other things we need.

The pic for today? This is exactly 2 years ago today, at the hospital.

Such a sweet baby, and we were so heart-sick that he wasn't home. Little did I know we only had a week and a half to go!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

In a Funk

This happens every year and probably will keep happening. I can't help thinking back to the weeks after Jack was born, and feeling sad that he had to stay in the NICU. It was quite a whammy because we had as many tests as we could to make sure he was healthy, and all came back fine! Every ultrasound, blood work, non-stress test, even the fetal-echo - all said he was in perfect shape. So when he had to stay in the hospital so long, and then I had to fight to get him home, eesh, it was just hard. I hate being whiney about it because I know there are lots of families who's children were and are in worse shape and we had a happy ending so get over it already; but I guess it still nakes me sad.

And I'm having a very hard time moving forward from this election. How am I ever going to be able to show the proper respect to the office of the Presidency, when I feel this is wrong. I'm so afraid for our country right now but several of my good friends are supporters of this abomination so I can't even commiserate with my friends. I think they just looked at his "lower tax" promises and fell for it.

I'm going to post a pic I love to make myself feel better. This cracks me up 'cause Jack is so mini and Andrew is such an excellent big brother (to Jack; he could be nicer to the others LOL). Thank heavens my son has had a haircut and looks much more gorgeous now!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I'm It!

Last week I got tagged by Heidi Marie who said I now have to reveal 6 things you may not know about me. (BTW, I LOVED your 6 things Heidi - and I LOVE pics of your boy! Please don't ever take that pool pic away - it's just precious!) Anyway, my 6 things might not be a surprise to most of my friends but here goes.

1. My dream car is a '81 Camaro. It's red. Right now, it's in my garage and some day it will be as gorgeous as it was when I first laid eyes on it.

2. Having my kids has been the greatest adventure I could ever imagine. It seems like yesterday I was in college but here I am, with a 15 yr old! And I get so much enjoyment out of my kids and their friends. They make me laugh, make me think, scare me to death, and give me hope for the future.

3. I have 2 college degrees. One in Management and one in Marketing. I was the Regional Business Manager for an Environmental Consulting Agency. I was the victim of a nasty lay-off, and have never gone back to the corporate world. I was miserable and almost glad of the lay-off. I keep thinking I will go back someday but I haven't worked up the courage.

4. I played the piano for 8 years before I went to college. My parents moved several years ago and gave me the piano I learned on. I play it mostly at Christmas. I love Christmas music!

5. I am a pack rat. I'm trying really hard to sort and get rid of stuff but it's hard. I married into a family that has no emotional attachment to "stuff" so I get a lot of grief about it.

6. I am very loyal. If you are my friend, I will stick by you, even if it means going out of town to see you or getting thrown out of a bar with you (that was fun, right Sherry?).

So, if you're reading this, you're next! I tag EVERYONE!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Already November?

I didn't make the 31 for 21. Darn it. The end of the month got too hectic for me. I'm usually a busy mom but I was overwhelmed last week. We had Halloween class parties, 2 fooball games, out-of-town guests, trick-or-treating and a big birthday party that I had to clean the house for. So, where to begin? How about last Fri?

We had Ty's school party that I was in charge of the games for. We ended up only having time for 1 but it was fun. I melted 4 different types of Halloween candy in the microwave and they had to look at it and guess what it was. It went over well. I've been doing these parties so long that I have a bunch of standard games I've done a hundred times and one of them is the limbo with a witch's broom. I realized last Thurs that I have 3 witch's brooms! How crazy is that? So the party was fun.

Then we had to get ready for the last JV football game. It was much better weather, and we won again! Yay Warriors!

At the game, the kids put on their costumes, and a couple of the moms brought candy to share! The minute we got home, out we went. I had my younger 3 and a friend for Ty and M. While out, we met up with another family and walked around with them. It was a beautiful night, not chilly at all, and we walked for HOURS. Jack even took a short nap in his stroller!

Jack looks thrilled, huh?

The next day was the big party!! We just had cake and ice cream and play time and I think it went well. We had a pirate theme, of course. (We're.........okay I'm obsessed with Pirates of the Caribbean so when I saw this Little People Pirate Ship last year I had to get it! I've been waiting a year to play with it I mean, see Jack get it!) I bought red and black plates and streamers, and a plain cake that I put some pirate candles that I found on. I didn't get a pic before it got cut but my MIL said she got a photo and will share with me - YAY! We had sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY and had cake first, then opened presents. We had a surprise guest - Miss Braska! (and her mommy) and lots of Jack's cousins came over to hang out. Jack loved his cake! He ate some of it with his spoon but mostly it was fun to use fingers or just take a bite!

So, who's toys are these?

Thanks Howie and Mary, I love it!

Yum, yum!

Here's my girly friend - so glad she came!

This week we're taking it easy. I owe more posts that I will get to tomorrow!