Sunday, August 16, 2009

they went back to school :(

I was NOT ready! But all the forms were filled out, the school supplies bought, and we were all up so I figured, might as well send 'em! Getting back into a routine that involves getting up in the morning and me running around hauling kids places is not my idea of fun. You parents of kids who do more than one sport apiece get plenty of applause from me! One is hard enough for me to keep track of.

We had to do first day pics in 2 shifts! Well, not really because Jack didn't go but he was awake when the middle 2 were going so he got in the shot!

Here's the JUNIOR in high school (how the he*% did that happen!), the 8th grader, and the 5th grader. Ty changed schools this year so it was a BIIIIIIG day for him.

And here's the younger 2 ready to walk out the door (and the little guy with his blankie buddy!).

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Finally, Pics!

Here's the littlest Warrior fan, gettin' ready for football!

We got to meet some new friends the other day. Ria and Matthew met us and RK and girls for lunch. Here's Braska (we were boring her, I think!) and Jack and Matthew.

On our trip to AR and TX a few weeks ago, we stopped and hung out with Janice and Chase. They moved away a few years ago.

Madelyn and Chase were really good buddies way back in 1st and 2nd grade. I think they had a good time catching up.

When we got to TX, the kids settled in like we lived there! They played together, hung out together, acted like it hadn't been 2 years since we saw them last.

I got to go on ONE sight-seeing trek - do you all remember this house?!

This is funny - When Sherry was showing us the house and I was checking out the pantry, Gracie looks up and says "there's my happy snacks!". When I figured out what she meant, I about fell on the floor laughing! Here's Gracie with her "happy snacks"!

This is all the cuties together (except for my Andrew): Jack, Gracie, James, Tyler, and Madelyn. We had a great time. Love you Sherry! (Why did we not get a pic of you and I together??? Sheesh....)

All About Me

So this post is to let me vent a bit. I'm bummed. I'm old (found another gray hair today), my weight is crazy (like 50 lbs need to go), and I'm tired. Everything seems to take too much energy. I keep thinking my hormones must have something to do with it so yeah, when I can talk myself into it, I'll go to the dr. My house is a wreck and I'm tired of money issues. I have a friend that I truly love, but I needed a break from the drama coming from her. That isn't going well either. I haven't dealt well with the last couple of holidays - no special decorations or food and that isn't like me either. I have pictures I'd like to post but can't seem to find the energy to get them on the computer. Do you see where this is going? I'm a mess.

The kids start school this week which always bums me out. So wish me luck, willya?