Monday, March 2, 2015

Frozen on Ice

We were very lucky to have the opportunity to go see Frozen on Ice! Allan and I took Madelyn, Jackson, and Dasha. I had heard that since it’s a Disney show all the little girls dress up like their favorite princess so of course Dasha had to have something cute to wear! I didn’t want to spend a bunch on a costume because I didn’t think she would get that much use out of it. I found a pretty dress that she can wear later as a sundress but since it’s winter I got some cute leggings to wear underneath (she already had a cute white shirt).


Jackson got a cute Olaf shirt. Madelyn gave our little princess a mini makeover with some pretty blue eyeshadow to match big sis.


(Notice the lack of front teeth! Dasha lost one last Mon night, the 23rd, and the one came out Thurs night, the 26th!) Some of the outfits that little girls showed up wearing were AMAZING. M and I both kept pointing out different dresses we saw.

We bought the tickets months in advance. So of course, the day of the show turned up and cold and wet and we had a lovely snowstorm as we were driving downtown to get there!


I was snowing pretty heavily by the time we got there and we parked a couple of blocks away so by the time we got into the big auditorium we were a little tired and kinda wet and pretty cold. We warmed up and found our seats and everybody was pretty excited.


We got to see Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Buzz and Woody, Nemo and Dory, Snow White, Cinderella, Ariel, and their princes along with lots of other fun and favorite characters. We saw the story of Frozen, acted out on skates on ice! There were remote-controlled props and amazing lights. We loved every minute! We had a magical experience and I think I spent as much time watching my babies have a great time as I did watching the show. It was awesome! I spent a lot of time thinking how much my mom would’ve loved it too.

IMG_3592 IMG_3593

Happy kids, ready to head home!


Sunday, January 11, 2015

New Stuff

There's LOTS of stuff that's going on, that's happened, that I'm thinking about, that will most likely go unblogged because life has been busy.  Catching up here might very well be impossible!  But I can try to post a few catch up things so here goes!

Andrew - He's still selling shoes part time and going to college locally.  He's going to be attending UMSL (University of MO at St. Louis) for the next few semesters so wishing luck to him!  He bought himself a pretty little car last year:

Madelyn has had a super busy couple of years.  She danced with her high school dance team her last 2 years in high school and had a blast.  She also worked at a local pizza place and joined the winter drumline team at school her senior year.  She graduated last May with honors and went off to Truman University in Aug.  She and boyfriend Charlie will celebrate dating for FIVE years this coming March!

Tyler is now a sophomore in high school!  He's addicted to computer games but he gets good grades, is a great big brother to Jack and Dasha, and helps me out whenever I ask.  Nothing wrong with that!
Jack and Dasha.  They are both sweet, and subborn, and good little kids.  They are together at school and enjoying their teachers and classmates.  They aren't making the progress I would like to see but there is some.  Last year they both were in a dance class and had a big recital the day before Madelyn graduated.  We decided to take a break from that this year but we are missing it.  Dasha started cheering through the Upward program at a friend's church.  Last Sat was her first game to cheer at and I think she had fun!

So many more things to write about but I guess there will have to be another post!