Monday, January 26, 2009

Here's my surprise!

A new look! Yay! Thanks to Randa-Kay, look how cute my blog is! She made a fun background for my birthday! She even added the hat to Jack's head - what a perfect expression! And the day she took the pic Jack was wearing those red stripes! Too funny. I get to play with colors but wow it's so cute! Thanks, RK!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Coming soon!

Something fun! I'm not gonna say what it is but it's just a fun surprise - for me really! Let me know if you're curious!

2 years ago yesterday....

was Jack's open heart surgery to repair a VSD, ASD, and a PDA. I know, I should have written something yesterday but it was a busy day (MIL's birthday too) and I kept thinking about it, just didn't know what to say. It was, of course, a very big day for us. I sent the other kids to school, because they didn't need to sit around here at home bored to death and they didn't need to go to the hosp and be bored there either. My mom was here to take of everything, and she planned to stay as long as we needed her (thanks again Mom, I love you). We thought he'd be in the hosp. for about a week so we were ready for anything.....except that he'd get to come home after 4 days! It was scary, heartbreaking, and a miracle. So here's a couple of pics that I've shared before:

This is a couple of hours after surgery (so out of it).

This is 2 days after.

I had one more pic in here but blogger didn't like it so I'll try again later!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

2 years ago...

2 years ago today, Jackson was baptised. For my other kids, this was a big day. One we planned for awhile, and got a special cake, invited all kinds of family and friends, and had a party afterwards to celebrate. Jack's was quite thrown together, and last minute, and none of my husband's family even bothered to come. Part of me thinks it's because of the Methodist ceremony (the others were Catholic, like dh's family) and part of me thinks it's because they didn't understand how important it was to me. Both are reasons I'm still trying to "get over" and not let bug me anymore. It's the subject of a lot of my prayers.

Anyway, Jack was baptised so quickly, because 3 days before, we got the call that he was scheduled for open heart surgery. I love ALL my babies, and my dh, and my wedding day and the births of my kids are the most important days in my life. But that call from the surgeon's office was one of the things that changed my life. (Besides my wonderful Jack!) I see things differently now, don't take things for granted. Every night, every single night, I thank God for my family, and the day we had together. Every single time I look at my kids, I thank God for the miracle they are.

So 2 years ago, we had a quick baptism and a small reception at church, given by some wonderful and amazing friends, the same ones (mostly) that gave me and Jack his baby shower. People that I will always love because of that. And our pastor, who basically said she would do whatever I needed her to. So I have lovely memories of that day.

Here's Jack on baptism day:

Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Blog-aversary!

I missed it actually :(. It was on the 9th. But it's been a whole year since I started this adventure by keeping track of what's going on with us! A lot has changed and a lot has stayed the same. I kinda forgot about the grateful list so I'll try to get back on that. But I started adding pics to most posts which I think is lots of fun! Jack is walking now (which is our biggest deal!) but we still live in the same house, same routine.

When I woke up this morning, I could tell my voice was a little hoarse, but the kids didn't even seem to notice. When I went to answer the phone only a couple of hours later, it was gone! I sound ridiculous! Jack hasn't acted like it's a problem but I'm sure he wouldn't have known me by voice alone. Otherwise, I'm okay. No sore throat or anything. Weird.

Jack is on a roll today. Yesterday we went to hang out with our friends, Braska and RK, and he had a lovely time playing with all Braska's toys, wandering around their house, and getting into all kinds of new stuff. Usually at home he mostly plays in the living room but wanders into his room occasionally. Today he's all over the place! Playing in the kitchen with some Target bags (I was watching!), getting into the TP in the bathroom, getting everything he can reach off Allan's bookcase, wearing one of his winter hats the wrong way, even dressing the dog! Thank goodness M decided to buy a camera! It waaaay too cold to go shopping today. It's up to 6! I heard they might close school if the wind chill was -15 or lower, but it was and they didn't. Anyway, here's what Jack has been up to SO FAR today:

Hope everyone is keeping warm!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Jack's first day at school (by himself!)

It actually went about as I expected. He is familiar with the room since it's the same one we had Babyworks class in (the one I could go with him to.) So when we walked in, the teacher had some musical instruments out the kids could make music with and Jack loves music so that was all good. The teacher was super nice and the director of the EI program was there. I was watching Jack so I didn't really pay attention to who else would be there. That's responsible, huh? When I left, I didn't yell "bye" or anything as Jack was happy with some cymbals. I figured it would probably be better to not draw attention to the fact that I was leaving. I did tell the teacher that the bag I left for Jack had a special item in it that would magically cure any sort of Jackson distress - it's his blankie. If he gets sad for ANY reason at home everyone goes for the blankie. Hey, whatever works, right? The other kids had special things too. Then to make sure I didn't get sad, my friend RK took me to my special thing - a coffee shop! We chatted away an hour and a half 'til it was time to go back. (I had an eggnog latte. Eggnog seems to be something people either love or hate and I LOVE it!)

When we got back the kids (there were 5 of them) were shaking plastic Easter eggs filled with something (rice, beans?) and taped shut. Jack loves to shake things so he was doing great but I knew what would happen next, Jack threw it. And the next one. And then they were done with eggs, and sang the goodbye song, and the door opened! When he saw me he didn't get upset or extra happy or anything, just walked over and put his little arms up. The teacher said he did get sad at one point (the blankie was out) but he recovered very well. So he had a good day. I guess I did too. So even though things went well and we'll probably go back, I still don't feel like this is any better than staying home. If the program ended today, we'd both be okay with that too.

So that's it. Very anti-climactic. There's no class next week, because of MLK day. So we'll see what happens after the next few classes. His friend Braska may not be back for awhile because she's having a baby sister come soon, and the dr. doesn't want Miss B to bring home any germs for the new baby. We'll see if Jack misses her as much as I think he will. RK took a pic or 2 of the 2 of them sitting in the little chairs together after class so maybe I'll get to post that soon, or post a link if RK puts it on her blog. Since my camera is still not reliable (don't know if it's the camera or just the memory card at this point) I didn't get any first day pics, but M has some we took last night. Maybe she'll let me post one of those.

In other news, M was able to take a pic because she bought a new camera with her very own money last night! She's more form than function at this point so her criteria was 1.price and 2.color. So it's blue and even a cheap(er) camera is pretty nice. She's very happy with it. So am I as I can take pics without buying myself a new camera! Yay! I'll do something soon but she bought me a little time.

Today it's much colder here than it has been, so we're just cuddling in the chair, playing with toys, and Jack is trying to get into whatever he can (as usual). He wanted to wear his mittens this morning! He left them on for probably 30 mins. No, we didn't go anywhere! He's just silly!

(P.S. Thanks to those of you who were thinking of us! That helped so much!)

Friday, January 9, 2009

new post

I keep wanting to post something because it's been awhile and I just don't have anything interesting going on. I mean, there's lots happening, just nothing really noteworthy. I'll just get on with it anyway. This is MY blog to write whatever, right?!

My camera does not seem to want to work properly. I'm thinking of looking for a cheap one to use at least 'til I figure out what's up with mine. It deleted several photos from the memory card, grrrrr. I have my computer whiz (my brother) working on that now. Jack will go to toddler school starting Mon so I NEED it!

Yes, Jack will go to school on Mondays, 9-11. What will I do without him???? Most of me does not want to send him. He gets plenty of social interaction here at home, his therapies won't change, eventually he'll go and learn to sit and listen and all of that anyway, so why should he go at 2? I guess I'm talked into it by all the therapists saying what a wonderful program it is and how much he'll love it but I have and probably always will have reservations. I'm a SAHM. My job is to stay home with my kids, not stay home while they go off to school at 2! We play, work therapy into our day, occasionally run errands or see other people, and I get to enjoy the heck outta him! Literally, if his little friend Braska wasn't going, I would not send him. We'll see what happens.

Tyler's Winter Concert at school was cancelled before Christmas break because of some really bad weather we were having. So they had it last night. It was adorable! I'd love to post a pic but, well you know about the camera. M's isn't working either, and our last option was a pic with Andrew's phone and wouldn't you know, it was about dead and we left the charger at my parent's house! So I have no pics of Tyler's first violin concert :(. I did manage to get a few minutes on the video camera before the tape ran out. I tell ya, all our electronics are falling apart! Gotta get a new battery and new tapes for the video camera, new camera for M, and one for me. While I'm at it, I'd like a blu-ray player and movies. I keep thinking that might be a good family Christmas gift next year. ANYWAY, Ty did a good job and maybe one of his friends' moms took a pic they will share with me. Hope so!

Mr. Jack is terrific! I've been saying for awhile that he gets into everything but as soon as I think I've got it handled he comes up with new stuff to mess with! His latest thing is turning on the stereo. Thank goodness our tv is up to high for him to reach. There are days I put up the gate just so I can sit for 5 minutes! I had to go into the dsa office the other day so we got to say hi to everyone in there and the ladies were so impressed that he's walking. I carried him in (there was a fascinating ladder in the hallway I was trying to avoid) and when I put him down, they said "oh does he walk?" so I answered yes and before I could get out "he's still a bit wobbly" down he went! So everyone laughed at me but then he got up and showed'em! I blame it on the new SureSteps he got last week - we're still in the adjustment phase. Every time I look at him I can't believe how love with him I am! Sorry, I know I'm a sap!

Since I don't have any new pics, here's one that my friend Adrienne's daughter Regan took and "embellished". Isn't it great? She's going to take some pics in the spring of Jack.