Wednesday, January 21, 2009

2 years ago...

2 years ago today, Jackson was baptised. For my other kids, this was a big day. One we planned for awhile, and got a special cake, invited all kinds of family and friends, and had a party afterwards to celebrate. Jack's was quite thrown together, and last minute, and none of my husband's family even bothered to come. Part of me thinks it's because of the Methodist ceremony (the others were Catholic, like dh's family) and part of me thinks it's because they didn't understand how important it was to me. Both are reasons I'm still trying to "get over" and not let bug me anymore. It's the subject of a lot of my prayers.

Anyway, Jack was baptised so quickly, because 3 days before, we got the call that he was scheduled for open heart surgery. I love ALL my babies, and my dh, and my wedding day and the births of my kids are the most important days in my life. But that call from the surgeon's office was one of the things that changed my life. (Besides my wonderful Jack!) I see things differently now, don't take things for granted. Every night, every single night, I thank God for my family, and the day we had together. Every single time I look at my kids, I thank God for the miracle they are.

So 2 years ago, we had a quick baptism and a small reception at church, given by some wonderful and amazing friends, the same ones (mostly) that gave me and Jack his baby shower. People that I will always love because of that. And our pastor, who basically said she would do whatever I needed her to. So I have lovely memories of that day.

Here's Jack on baptism day:

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RK said...

He looks so cuddly! Glad you had great friends to step in and make it special. Jackson, you've come a long way, dude!