Friday, April 25, 2008

Nothing to do with Jack

This post is all about me. I weigh too much. I think I weigh right now approx. what I weighed when I delivered my oldest son and my daughter. I weighed about 10 lbs. more when I delivered middle son and Jack (of course with Jack, I started out lots bigger and only gained 17 lbs!). So, after lots of false effort and no results, I'm trying again. This time with the support my BFF from 7th grade! She and I have embarked on a plan. We're e-mailing our daily food intake to each other and being accountable to each other for what we eat and how we exercize. Now, this is a person who I KNOW will be honest with me but also will celebrate as well. Wish us LOTS of luck!

Okay I have a Jack story too - he's been getting more and more curious and independant so after breakfast, he roams. I keep and eye on him and our house is pretty small so I usually know what he's up to even if we're in different rooms. I followed him down the hall and we went in his room. While I was cleaning up, he wandered into the bathroom. By the time I turned around, he was wearing M's swimsuit that we left to dry on the tub! It was so funny! I sooo love him!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Jackson updates

Okay, I started this blog to provide Jack updates so I guess I'd better get to it!

He was supposed to have a hearing test last Fri. so I took him to the ped. to have his ears checked first, you know, just in case. Sure enough the little stinker had fluid in his left ear. As far as we know, he's not had any ear infections so I was pretty surprised. We cancelled the hearing test and the ped gave him an antibiotic to clear up the fluid so we can try again. I'm wondering now though, do we see an ENT? Do we see the ENT before the hearing test? Do we do the hearing test then see an ENT? Sheesh.

On a happier note, Cap'n Jack got a real haircut last night! He looks like such a little man! He still doesn't have a lot of hair yet; it's thin and fine and wispy; but it was getting longish in the back and I've cut his bangs twice now so they aren't in his eyes. He did fine. Turned his head a couple of times but we were all watching and "helping" to distract him! I took pics and made M use the video camera. I'll post photos soon! Lately, after a bath, I have to give him a comb to hold in each hand so I can use another on his hair and we did that at the haircut too! Otherwise he likes to help comb! He's so funny!

What am I grateful for this morning?
1. We got rain but not a deluge.
2. Jack was so good for his haircut!
3. The kids actually picked up the stuff I asked them to!
4. Holly puppy got a haircut too & is very cute!

Saturday, April 19, 2008


I've been trying to compile a list of blogs of my friends. If you'd rather I didn't link yours, please let me know and I'll remove it. I started with the list from

M performed at the high school variety show tonight, with her middle school danceline. She did an awesome job! I'll post a photo soon :).

We had a real eathquake here in the midwest! DH was patting me on the back saying "I think that was an earthquake" at 4:30 this am. I sleepily replied, "what was an earthquake?!". It was over a 5.0 and lots of people felt it. Darn it, I didn't. There were a couple of aftershocks that I didn't feel either.

Real quick ('cause I am sooo tired!), the grateful list:
1. I had a great time at the variety show!
2. Jack's sweet little face
3. Allan is home tomorrow - YAY!
4. It's Friday; 'nuf said.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunday Night

Here it is again, Sunday night. Usually, my family all wake up excited to have another day of week-end. But by Sunday evening, we're all depressed because the week starts the next day and we have to get ready for it. So after getting the kids to bed I have to finish laundry, dishes, pick up the house and plan our schedule for the week. I hate Sunday night.

M had her (late) birthday party Saturday. We got a room in a hotel with a pool and invited some girls to swim. I realize that not everyone can attend every party they get invited to but when did it become okay to not reply to an invitation, just to let the person know you're unable to attend? ANYWAY, they swam, ate cake, had fun, and M got to spend the night with a friend at a hotel :). It was nice.

What am I grateful for today?
1. The party is over!
2. Jackson
3. I had a nice day with hubby :)
4. My basement seems to be shaping up

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Crappy Week-end

We had the crappiest week-end. The sewer backed up into our basement Fri. night. Yuck! The drain is in our storage area so really nothing was damaged but there was a left-over piece of carpet down which got full of poop water. Double yuck! So we called the sewer people who said they could come out - on Sat.! So after getting the drain unclogged, we got the floor cleaned up and then I got our carpet cleaner back from a friend. Yep, broken. So dh worked on that stupid thing all Sun., and finally got it fixed so I got the carpet cleaned Mon. Now, as all this was going on, we realized the one corner in our family room was wet and smelled awful. Our basement doesn't usually get water unless we get a crazy amount of rain. Apparently, we've had enough. So I still have to get that clean when the baby isn't napping and I have someone to watch him when he's awake. Tonight and I mean it!

Here's the fun thing we did today; Jack got a swing seat for our swing set for Easter. The weather has been pretty yucky (see above paragraph) so we hadn't gotten to try it yet. The sun came out for about 45 mins after the kids came home from school so M rushed the swing out and hung it, and we put Jack in it. He LOVED it! He smiled and giggled! I took several photos and a short video of the giggling. If I can figure out how to post at least a picture, I will. Wow, that was fun!

Thursday, April 3, 2008


Okay so my kids are funny. They all have a terrific sense of humor that they got from their dad. They're quick with a come-back. Here are 2 examples that made me LOL:

We went out to eat the other day. The sign outside said "NOW SMOKE FREE". My son Andrew, the cynical one, says "They used to charge people to smoke?". HA

I decided it's time to get Jack off the bottle. (He's drinking fine from his sippy cup.) So I said to dh, "I think this should be Jack's last bottle". So son #2, Tyler, the goofy one, says (in a horrified voice), "you're gonna make him drink out of the carton?!". HA HA

That's one of the reasons I fell in love with dh - he was so darn funny.

On another note, my BFF and I were both adopted as tiny babies to the families we grew up in. Lately, she's been wondering about the birth mom who gave her up. We both joined an online community about adoption and wow - I thought Down Syndrome was a touchy subject. There doesn't seem to be any in-between with these people. You're either wanting to find your birth family, or there's something wrong with you. I'm sure most would disagree with me but that's the way I feel when I'm reading posts on there.

I know I have more to think about but for now, the grateful list:

1. Jackson. Always Jackson. He's standing alone for a few seconds at a time and starting to take bigger risks with walking. His smile lights up my world.

2. I really enjoy the online Down Syndrome support group forum I joined. The people on there are terrific and I'm amazed that I may never have met them without Jack.

3. We are actually getting our taxes filed before the deadline this year! Last year was the first time we ever had to file an extension - what a pain!

4. We had a great Easter! The kids didn't get much, but we had a nice day at my in-laws.

5. My mom is recovering well from her hip replacement! She's bored. Hopefully, her recovery will go so well she'll be able to come visit soon.