Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Crappy Week-end

We had the crappiest week-end. The sewer backed up into our basement Fri. night. Yuck! The drain is in our storage area so really nothing was damaged but there was a left-over piece of carpet down which got full of poop water. Double yuck! So we called the sewer people who said they could come out - on Sat.! So after getting the drain unclogged, we got the floor cleaned up and then I got our carpet cleaner back from a friend. Yep, broken. So dh worked on that stupid thing all Sun., and finally got it fixed so I got the carpet cleaned Mon. Now, as all this was going on, we realized the one corner in our family room was wet and smelled awful. Our basement doesn't usually get water unless we get a crazy amount of rain. Apparently, we've had enough. So I still have to get that clean when the baby isn't napping and I have someone to watch him when he's awake. Tonight and I mean it!

Here's the fun thing we did today; Jack got a swing seat for our swing set for Easter. The weather has been pretty yucky (see above paragraph) so we hadn't gotten to try it yet. The sun came out for about 45 mins after the kids came home from school so M rushed the swing out and hung it, and we put Jack in it. He LOVED it! He smiled and giggled! I took several photos and a short video of the giggling. If I can figure out how to post at least a picture, I will. Wow, that was fun!


WheresMyAngels said...

WE live in a basement of a home so I hope that NEVER happens to us. Sorry you all had to go thru it!

Julie said...

I hope that never happens to you too!