Friday, April 25, 2008

Nothing to do with Jack

This post is all about me. I weigh too much. I think I weigh right now approx. what I weighed when I delivered my oldest son and my daughter. I weighed about 10 lbs. more when I delivered middle son and Jack (of course with Jack, I started out lots bigger and only gained 17 lbs!). So, after lots of false effort and no results, I'm trying again. This time with the support my BFF from 7th grade! She and I have embarked on a plan. We're e-mailing our daily food intake to each other and being accountable to each other for what we eat and how we exercize. Now, this is a person who I KNOW will be honest with me but also will celebrate as well. Wish us LOTS of luck!

Okay I have a Jack story too - he's been getting more and more curious and independant so after breakfast, he roams. I keep and eye on him and our house is pretty small so I usually know what he's up to even if we're in different rooms. I followed him down the hall and we went in his room. While I was cleaning up, he wandered into the bathroom. By the time I turned around, he was wearing M's swimsuit that we left to dry on the tub! It was so funny! I sooo love him!


Little Miss E said...

Ah, the never ending weight battle! Don't you just love it??

Julie said...

NOOOO! I don't love it LOL. This is still hard for me to believe. I HATE being this weight. Wish me lots of luck, please!