Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Jack went camping!

Yep, we camped last weekend! A couple of years ago, before Jack, we decided we liked camping but we didn't like tents. So we bought the coolest camper out there (heh heh). It's fun and we have a bathroom! It'll be better when Jack can walk but we sat by a campfire and took a hike and didn't answer any phones!

He's getting closer to walking. He's been standing from sitting on the floor without holding on for awhile now (maybe a week). We're working on his balance when he's up there; he only stands a few seconds before sitting back down. The good news is, he stands on his own and when he sits it's a controlled sit, not just a big plop.

More news? The diet isn't going well. Darn food. I bought myself a Mother's Day gift - it's a Down Syndrome Awareness bracelet made by Amy over at The Flege Farm blog. When I learn how to make that a link, I will. Anyway, it's just beautiful.

So what am I grateful for today?
1. Jack is a constant source of fun and wonder. I love watching him taking in the world.
2. My oldest son got a haircut! I forgot how good looking he is!
3. My middle 2 are reading together as I type! It's a miracle!
4. My family loves me, even if I need to lose 40 lbs and can't fit into any of my shorts.

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