Thursday, April 3, 2008


Okay so my kids are funny. They all have a terrific sense of humor that they got from their dad. They're quick with a come-back. Here are 2 examples that made me LOL:

We went out to eat the other day. The sign outside said "NOW SMOKE FREE". My son Andrew, the cynical one, says "They used to charge people to smoke?". HA

I decided it's time to get Jack off the bottle. (He's drinking fine from his sippy cup.) So I said to dh, "I think this should be Jack's last bottle". So son #2, Tyler, the goofy one, says (in a horrified voice), "you're gonna make him drink out of the carton?!". HA HA

That's one of the reasons I fell in love with dh - he was so darn funny.

On another note, my BFF and I were both adopted as tiny babies to the families we grew up in. Lately, she's been wondering about the birth mom who gave her up. We both joined an online community about adoption and wow - I thought Down Syndrome was a touchy subject. There doesn't seem to be any in-between with these people. You're either wanting to find your birth family, or there's something wrong with you. I'm sure most would disagree with me but that's the way I feel when I'm reading posts on there.

I know I have more to think about but for now, the grateful list:

1. Jackson. Always Jackson. He's standing alone for a few seconds at a time and starting to take bigger risks with walking. His smile lights up my world.

2. I really enjoy the online Down Syndrome support group forum I joined. The people on there are terrific and I'm amazed that I may never have met them without Jack.

3. We are actually getting our taxes filed before the deadline this year! Last year was the first time we ever had to file an extension - what a pain!

4. We had a great Easter! The kids didn't get much, but we had a nice day at my in-laws.

5. My mom is recovering well from her hip replacement! She's bored. Hopefully, her recovery will go so well she'll be able to come visit soon.


Anonymous said...

Hi Julie, saw your comment at the Cornish Family and followed it to your blog.

This post made me giggle - how smart your kids are - and I the baby is just a cutie, loved the video :-)

So thanks for making my day!

Julie said...

Wow Helen - you're very welcome!