Saturday, March 22, 2008

Cap'n Jack stats

So, I figure this is a good place to keep track of Jack's growth and progress. As of Fri., Mar. 21 (World Down Syndrome Day!!) Jack weighed 22lbs and has 7 teeth! The 7th is brand spankin' new. He sits, pulls up, cruises short distances, and walks slooooowly when you hold his hands. He's really pretty independant and will only do stuff when HE wants to. He won't sign, but he's starting to wave. We're getting ready to have his ears checked by the ped. (make sure there's no infection or fluid), so we can do a hearing test at the school for the deaf. He doesn't have any words yet. He's just learned to put stuff IN and he's starting to stack blocks and put big legos together. When he gets real excited he waves both hands in the air and lately, he's been doing it when we do it first! How cute is that?! We're working on high fiving too. He drinks holding his sippy cup but makes a huge mess with a spoon! If you put food in the spoon and give it to him, he can get it in his mouth. Same thing with a fork. If you cover him up with a blanket he thinks it's fun, but he can get out of it himself.

Jack's had 2 haircuts and needs another. Daily, he is smiley and curious and into everything! His laugh is infectious and it's pretty easy to make him happy. He has beautiful eyes and soft skin and sharp teeth! Jack is kinda chunky and every day I tell him I'm gonna eat him up!

He still takes 2 naps per day and gets a bottle of milk before bedtime. I usually rock him to sleep because I love to look at him.

So, what am I grateful for today?
1. My kids are playing on the floor together.
2. My mom is recovering really well from her hip replacement.
3. My hubby folded laundry while I was visiting my mom.
4. I have super in-laws.

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