Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Good Day!

It's a very good day! The kids are home because we're having a major snow day (right now it looks like a blizzard out there - it's beautiful). We're supposed to get up to 9 inches by this afternoon. By tonight, I won't be so enchanted, but right now I just want to get some hot chocolate and gaze out the window.

Jack's OT was supposed to come today but she cancelled due to the weather (the roads are kinda ugly) so the house is nice and clean. That makes me happy too.

My mom had hip replacement surgery yesterday and that went really well. I hope to be able to talk to her today. My parents don't live where we do so I'm looking forward to hearing from her. I'm looking forward to her feeling better and being able to walk and come visit again!

As far as Jack news, he's doing great! I worked the book fair up at school all last week and he went with me 3 days. Everyone seems to enjoy him and likes to hold him and talk to him. One of the recess teachers took him out into the main hallway where they were having a rock-a-thon for Dr. Suess week (rocking chairs) and she sat on a bench with him, surrounded by a few other students, while she read a book to them. It was sooo cute! One of the secretaries took a couple of pics I might post. He's still not walking but he does pull up and cruise the furniture (and people, if you're in the way). He's so sweet but he's getting more obnoxious daily. I love this - when we get a toy that makes a noise as the result of pushing a button, and we push it for him, he gets the most amazing smile. It's like, "wow, you are the smartest person ever!" We got a magnet toy for the fridge that makes animal noises and he'll stand there and play for awhile but then he'll throw it on the floor and make AS MUCH NOISE AS POSSIBLE!! It is a hoot! He eats good, he's happy, he's progressing, can't complain about this baby a bit!

More later!

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