Sunday, February 10, 2008

Lots of Updates

Seems like lots has been going on here. Jack has been wearing his SureSteps since he got them on Jan. 28th. They don't seem to be bothering him at all. Just me - we aren't shoe people especially in the house so it's been weird to get him up and dressed and put his shoes on just to hang around home. What else? When we had his IFSP, the OT mentioned she wanted him evaluated by a speech therapist to check his level of understanding. I said sure so that appt. is ready to go this Fri but all of a sudden it seems like he's really getting what we say. How to decribe it....Tonight, dh got a couple of pillows and threw them on the floor. I was holding Jack and said to him "oooo looky, Daddy's gonna lay on the floor and you can go pull his hair!". (Jack looooves pulling hair.) The little stinker giggled! Now, maybe I said it in a funny voice or I tickled his ear when I said it; but he sure giggled in the right spot! He's really communicating to us his wants now too. If you try to take something away from him he lets you know that is not acceptable! His new trick is he learned how to open cabinet doors and drawers. It's great except now everything inside isn't safe and the drawers can close on his little fingers. Gonna hafta get some drawer guards. He looks so proud when he's doing stuff. He's sooo much fun!

Also, we've had some really bad stuff too. On Feb.7th, my bff's dh suffered a major heart attack. He just turned 40 last Nov. The odds weren't good for him at first, but he's doing well now. I sit on pins and needles 'till she updates me every day. Please add him (and the rest of the family) to your prayer list!

Okay, for the gratful list to day:
1. John is alive and getting better!
2. Andrew is caught up on his homework!
3. Tyler has a terrific sense of humor!
4. Madelyn has proven to be a wonderful babysitter (even changed a poopy diaper for me!)
5. Jackson's development is full steam ahead!

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