Friday, February 1, 2008


Well, it's very late here but most of us are still up because...........No School Tomorrow!! Yep. We've had enough snow in the past few hours to cancel for tomorrow. YAY!! So we had more of a relaxing evening and I folded a bunch of laundry and now I get to check in here!

We celebrated Jack's surgery anniversary and the coming home from surgery anniversary and my birthday and now it's time for Feb. How does time go so fast? And why do I feel so very busy all the time? Yuck.

We had Jack's IFSP the other day and it went really well. He's developing pretty typically and we expect he'll be getting ready to run by the next meeting! He stood alone for a couple of seconds this evening (very exciting), he has 3 teeth, and he got his SureSteps shoe inserts this week. Things are going great!

Time for the grateful list but I am too tired. Soon, I promise.

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Lisa said...

That's great news about the IFSP! So glad to hear that Jack is doing so well.
And - I think your grateful list for last Thursday should include "snow days"...I know I was CERTAINLY grateful for the snow day!
Thanks so much for this website. It's so much fun to come and visit!
Lisa A.