Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Jackson updates

Okay, I started this blog to provide Jack updates so I guess I'd better get to it!

He was supposed to have a hearing test last Fri. so I took him to the ped. to have his ears checked first, you know, just in case. Sure enough the little stinker had fluid in his left ear. As far as we know, he's not had any ear infections so I was pretty surprised. We cancelled the hearing test and the ped gave him an antibiotic to clear up the fluid so we can try again. I'm wondering now though, do we see an ENT? Do we see the ENT before the hearing test? Do we do the hearing test then see an ENT? Sheesh.

On a happier note, Cap'n Jack got a real haircut last night! He looks like such a little man! He still doesn't have a lot of hair yet; it's thin and fine and wispy; but it was getting longish in the back and I've cut his bangs twice now so they aren't in his eyes. He did fine. Turned his head a couple of times but we were all watching and "helping" to distract him! I took pics and made M use the video camera. I'll post photos soon! Lately, after a bath, I have to give him a comb to hold in each hand so I can use another on his hair and we did that at the haircut too! Otherwise he likes to help comb! He's so funny!

What am I grateful for this morning?
1. We got rain but not a deluge.
2. Jack was so good for his haircut!
3. The kids actually picked up the stuff I asked them to!
4. Holly puppy got a haircut too & is very cute!

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