Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Jack's first day at school (by himself!)

It actually went about as I expected. He is familiar with the room since it's the same one we had Babyworks class in (the one I could go with him to.) So when we walked in, the teacher had some musical instruments out the kids could make music with and Jack loves music so that was all good. The teacher was super nice and the director of the EI program was there. I was watching Jack so I didn't really pay attention to who else would be there. That's responsible, huh? When I left, I didn't yell "bye" or anything as Jack was happy with some cymbals. I figured it would probably be better to not draw attention to the fact that I was leaving. I did tell the teacher that the bag I left for Jack had a special item in it that would magically cure any sort of Jackson distress - it's his blankie. If he gets sad for ANY reason at home everyone goes for the blankie. Hey, whatever works, right? The other kids had special things too. Then to make sure I didn't get sad, my friend RK took me to my special thing - a coffee shop! We chatted away an hour and a half 'til it was time to go back. (I had an eggnog latte. Eggnog seems to be something people either love or hate and I LOVE it!)

When we got back the kids (there were 5 of them) were shaking plastic Easter eggs filled with something (rice, beans?) and taped shut. Jack loves to shake things so he was doing great but I knew what would happen next, Jack threw it. And the next one. And then they were done with eggs, and sang the goodbye song, and the door opened! When he saw me he didn't get upset or extra happy or anything, just walked over and put his little arms up. The teacher said he did get sad at one point (the blankie was out) but he recovered very well. So he had a good day. I guess I did too. So even though things went well and we'll probably go back, I still don't feel like this is any better than staying home. If the program ended today, we'd both be okay with that too.

So that's it. Very anti-climactic. There's no class next week, because of MLK day. So we'll see what happens after the next few classes. His friend Braska may not be back for awhile because she's having a baby sister come soon, and the dr. doesn't want Miss B to bring home any germs for the new baby. We'll see if Jack misses her as much as I think he will. RK took a pic or 2 of the 2 of them sitting in the little chairs together after class so maybe I'll get to post that soon, or post a link if RK puts it on her blog. Since my camera is still not reliable (don't know if it's the camera or just the memory card at this point) I didn't get any first day pics, but M has some we took last night. Maybe she'll let me post one of those.

In other news, M was able to take a pic because she bought a new camera with her very own money last night! She's more form than function at this point so her criteria was 1.price and 2.color. So it's blue and even a cheap(er) camera is pretty nice. She's very happy with it. So am I as I can take pics without buying myself a new camera! Yay! I'll do something soon but she bought me a little time.

Today it's much colder here than it has been, so we're just cuddling in the chair, playing with toys, and Jack is trying to get into whatever he can (as usual). He wanted to wear his mittens this morning! He left them on for probably 30 mins. No, we didn't go anywhere! He's just silly!

(P.S. Thanks to those of you who were thinking of us! That helped so much!)


RK said...

I just remembered to send the pic...sorry I didn't get it done yesterday. I wish we could have had a pic of him with the cymbals at the beginning!!

They seemed to have a good time, so I'm pleased. :o) And we'll try not to miss any more than we have to. Hopefully B will not come down with any icky stuff this week and we can be largely in the clear.

heidi marie said...

well i'm glad that jack's day went good. and it's probably good that at this point you are indifferent to the school...makes things less stressful