Friday, January 9, 2009

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I keep wanting to post something because it's been awhile and I just don't have anything interesting going on. I mean, there's lots happening, just nothing really noteworthy. I'll just get on with it anyway. This is MY blog to write whatever, right?!

My camera does not seem to want to work properly. I'm thinking of looking for a cheap one to use at least 'til I figure out what's up with mine. It deleted several photos from the memory card, grrrrr. I have my computer whiz (my brother) working on that now. Jack will go to toddler school starting Mon so I NEED it!

Yes, Jack will go to school on Mondays, 9-11. What will I do without him???? Most of me does not want to send him. He gets plenty of social interaction here at home, his therapies won't change, eventually he'll go and learn to sit and listen and all of that anyway, so why should he go at 2? I guess I'm talked into it by all the therapists saying what a wonderful program it is and how much he'll love it but I have and probably always will have reservations. I'm a SAHM. My job is to stay home with my kids, not stay home while they go off to school at 2! We play, work therapy into our day, occasionally run errands or see other people, and I get to enjoy the heck outta him! Literally, if his little friend Braska wasn't going, I would not send him. We'll see what happens.

Tyler's Winter Concert at school was cancelled before Christmas break because of some really bad weather we were having. So they had it last night. It was adorable! I'd love to post a pic but, well you know about the camera. M's isn't working either, and our last option was a pic with Andrew's phone and wouldn't you know, it was about dead and we left the charger at my parent's house! So I have no pics of Tyler's first violin concert :(. I did manage to get a few minutes on the video camera before the tape ran out. I tell ya, all our electronics are falling apart! Gotta get a new battery and new tapes for the video camera, new camera for M, and one for me. While I'm at it, I'd like a blu-ray player and movies. I keep thinking that might be a good family Christmas gift next year. ANYWAY, Ty did a good job and maybe one of his friends' moms took a pic they will share with me. Hope so!

Mr. Jack is terrific! I've been saying for awhile that he gets into everything but as soon as I think I've got it handled he comes up with new stuff to mess with! His latest thing is turning on the stereo. Thank goodness our tv is up to high for him to reach. There are days I put up the gate just so I can sit for 5 minutes! I had to go into the dsa office the other day so we got to say hi to everyone in there and the ladies were so impressed that he's walking. I carried him in (there was a fascinating ladder in the hallway I was trying to avoid) and when I put him down, they said "oh does he walk?" so I answered yes and before I could get out "he's still a bit wobbly" down he went! So everyone laughed at me but then he got up and showed'em! I blame it on the new SureSteps he got last week - we're still in the adjustment phase. Every time I look at him I can't believe how love with him I am! Sorry, I know I'm a sap!

Since I don't have any new pics, here's one that my friend Adrienne's daughter Regan took and "embellished". Isn't it great? She's going to take some pics in the spring of Jack.


RK said...

Bummer that your camera's down...

And I know you're hesitant about KA, but he's going to LOVE it. I'm sure he will. But if it doesn't work for him, that's ok. It's good that you're giving it a try! :o) We can go get a coffee or something on Monday and the time will fly! Oh, and it's 10 to 12... FYI. Don't want you to be an hour early!

Julie said...

Holy cow - I woulda been! See, I'm really trying to mess it up so I don't have to take him!

Anonymous said...

As I'm reading I had to stop and write this comment because I was also in the situation that you're in--reguarding school.

I refused to put my dear daughter into "school" until she was 3. I was the only mom who came with their child and stayed for the entire therapy session, sitting in the room watching. If you don't feel right taking your sweet Jack to school, then don't!! He has forever to be in school, away from you--enjoy him while you can!!

Julie said...

I feel the same way - we have lots of time so why so soon? We're gonna try it tomorrow, but I've mentioned my reservations to the director and if anything doesn't "feel" right, we'll stop going at ANY time.

Anonymous said...

So, how was her first day of school? Do it go as well as you hoped?