Saturday, January 24, 2009

2 years ago yesterday....

was Jack's open heart surgery to repair a VSD, ASD, and a PDA. I know, I should have written something yesterday but it was a busy day (MIL's birthday too) and I kept thinking about it, just didn't know what to say. It was, of course, a very big day for us. I sent the other kids to school, because they didn't need to sit around here at home bored to death and they didn't need to go to the hosp and be bored there either. My mom was here to take of everything, and she planned to stay as long as we needed her (thanks again Mom, I love you). We thought he'd be in the hosp. for about a week so we were ready for anything.....except that he'd get to come home after 4 days! It was scary, heartbreaking, and a miracle. So here's a couple of pics that I've shared before:

This is a couple of hours after surgery (so out of it).

This is 2 days after.

I had one more pic in here but blogger didn't like it so I'll try again later!

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