Sunday, August 16, 2009

they went back to school :(

I was NOT ready! But all the forms were filled out, the school supplies bought, and we were all up so I figured, might as well send 'em! Getting back into a routine that involves getting up in the morning and me running around hauling kids places is not my idea of fun. You parents of kids who do more than one sport apiece get plenty of applause from me! One is hard enough for me to keep track of.

We had to do first day pics in 2 shifts! Well, not really because Jack didn't go but he was awake when the middle 2 were going so he got in the shot!

Here's the JUNIOR in high school (how the he*% did that happen!), the 8th grader, and the 5th grader. Ty changed schools this year so it was a BIIIIIIG day for him.

And here's the younger 2 ready to walk out the door (and the little guy with his blankie buddy!).

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