Thursday, November 6, 2008

In a Funk

This happens every year and probably will keep happening. I can't help thinking back to the weeks after Jack was born, and feeling sad that he had to stay in the NICU. It was quite a whammy because we had as many tests as we could to make sure he was healthy, and all came back fine! Every ultrasound, blood work, non-stress test, even the fetal-echo - all said he was in perfect shape. So when he had to stay in the hospital so long, and then I had to fight to get him home, eesh, it was just hard. I hate being whiney about it because I know there are lots of families who's children were and are in worse shape and we had a happy ending so get over it already; but I guess it still nakes me sad.

And I'm having a very hard time moving forward from this election. How am I ever going to be able to show the proper respect to the office of the Presidency, when I feel this is wrong. I'm so afraid for our country right now but several of my good friends are supporters of this abomination so I can't even commiserate with my friends. I think they just looked at his "lower tax" promises and fell for it.

I'm going to post a pic I love to make myself feel better. This cracks me up 'cause Jack is so mini and Andrew is such an excellent big brother (to Jack; he could be nicer to the others LOL). Thank heavens my son has had a haircut and looks much more gorgeous now!


RK said...

I've been all messed up this week too. I feel your funk-pain. Maybe we need a trip back to the food court! :o)

Julie said...

Yes! Let me when!

heidi marie said...

too funny, i just posted a bit ago about how i feel like i'm in a funk all week. this election will be a hard one to move on from...and you have every right to feel what you feel, when you feel it. there are times when i get upset and i think i shouldn't feel this way because there are others out there who are going through worse...but sometimes you have to give yourself a break, too.

waldenhouse said...

What a gorgeous little guy you have. I totally understand the feelings that wash over you thinking back on NICU days. Even with a good ending the pain and confusion of a NICU experience remains.

I hope you can find some peace about the election too.

And thanks for stopping by my blog - I always like to hear from folks that pop in. :)