Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sick Baby!

I know he's not really a baby but Jack is my baby. When he got up Mon, he just felt crappy. He had a fever, not real high but enough to make him feel yucky all day. He wasn't interested in food (very unlike him) and just wanted to sit and be held all day. That, I can do! So we wore jammies all day and sat in the recliner. He'd perk up a little when the Tylenol kicked in, and get on the floor, and look at his toys, then look at me like "now what do I do?". So I'd say, "do you want to get back up here with me?" and he'd put his little arms up and we'd sit again.

He slept well Mon night and then woke up a little perkier Tues. Since he really hadn't eaten I thought we'd try a little food. Turned his nose up at cereal and I didn't want to give him applesauce 'cause sometimes that causes yucky diapers when they're sick, so tried yogurt. He liked it, and then threw it up about 15 mins later. On me. So back to the recliner we went (after new jammies). Later on he ate a few cherrios and drank some juice. Last night while I was at a meeting, Daddy gave him mac & cheese. He kept it down and was actually walking around a bit last night.

So we'll see what happens today.

So all this started me thinking about what (as moms) we do that I KNOW would have freaked me out pre-children. For instance - last night I realized, when getting ready for bed, that I had a big glob of dried, chewed up cheerio on the collar of my shirt. I had been to a PTO meeting. Where I am the President. And we spoke with a man who was "interviewing" to be the Santa at our annual Breakfast with Santa event. Sigh. Here's another example: This morning I realized there were 3 cans almost half-full of soda sitting around where kids were eating dinner or doing homework or watching TV last night. I don't know whose they were or why they weren't finished. Didn't even think about it really. But as I gathered them up, I DRANK THEM. It seemed more efficient than just dumping the contents down the sink. But later on, I wondered why the heck I would do that?! Because I'm a mom who hates to see soda wasted, since we don't always have it (these were left-over from Jack's party). And of course, the biggest thing that's changed about me post-children - I no longer freak out when getting barfed on. Sad. Very sad, but true.

I do have some good news to blog about today. My dishwasher died. (Okay so it starts out bad but just wait!) So we bought a new one. And my wonderful husband installed it. And after lots of plumbing changes, IT WORKS!! We didn't buy the most expensive one (not even close!), but it looks nice and IT WORKS!!

So guess what the pics for today are?
Sick baby (awwww)

new dishwasher!


Terri said...

Poor little guy. (Cameron has those jammies too). I hope Jack feels better soon and you enjoy your new dishwasher.

RK said...

Hopefully today is going better. Talk to you soon.

heidi marie said...

i hope jack feels better soon. and i've come to realize one perk, as you pointed out, of children being sick is that they are so cuddly!

Kim said...

Aw, poor baby. I hope he is feelin better real soon! And hey, I totally identify with you on the mom stuff.