Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Already November?

I didn't make the 31 for 21. Darn it. The end of the month got too hectic for me. I'm usually a busy mom but I was overwhelmed last week. We had Halloween class parties, 2 fooball games, out-of-town guests, trick-or-treating and a big birthday party that I had to clean the house for. So, where to begin? How about last Fri?

We had Ty's school party that I was in charge of the games for. We ended up only having time for 1 but it was fun. I melted 4 different types of Halloween candy in the microwave and they had to look at it and guess what it was. It went over well. I've been doing these parties so long that I have a bunch of standard games I've done a hundred times and one of them is the limbo with a witch's broom. I realized last Thurs that I have 3 witch's brooms! How crazy is that? So the party was fun.

Then we had to get ready for the last JV football game. It was much better weather, and we won again! Yay Warriors!

At the game, the kids put on their costumes, and a couple of the moms brought candy to share! The minute we got home, out we went. I had my younger 3 and a friend for Ty and M. While out, we met up with another family and walked around with them. It was a beautiful night, not chilly at all, and we walked for HOURS. Jack even took a short nap in his stroller!

Jack looks thrilled, huh?

The next day was the big party!! We just had cake and ice cream and play time and I think it went well. We had a pirate theme, of course. (We're.........okay I'm obsessed with Pirates of the Caribbean so when I saw this Little People Pirate Ship last year I had to get it! I've been waiting a year to play with it I mean, see Jack get it!) I bought red and black plates and streamers, and a plain cake that I put some pirate candles that I found on. I didn't get a pic before it got cut but my MIL said she got a photo and will share with me - YAY! We had sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY and had cake first, then opened presents. We had a surprise guest - Miss Braska! (and her mommy) and lots of Jack's cousins came over to hang out. Jack loved his cake! He ate some of it with his spoon but mostly it was fun to use fingers or just take a bite!

So, who's toys are these?

Thanks Howie and Mary, I love it!

Yum, yum!

Here's my girly friend - so glad she came!

This week we're taking it easy. I owe more posts that I will get to tomorrow!

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