Friday, November 21, 2008

I'm behind!

So to catch up on us:
Jack is MUCH better! I'm still turning on the humidifier in his room every night and his poor little nose is a bit stuffy and he coughs every once in a great while, but I think he's in pretty good shape.

Andrew had the awards night for fall sports at school. He got a football patch for the letterman's jacket that he still wants. I should have planned to get it by now but it wasn't at the top of his list and they're very expensive so it'll be awhile. He could use it now too - it's 24 degrees outside right now. So he has the football and his graduation year numbers - got those last year. It's such an amazing feeling to see your child up on a stage, shaking someone's hand as they get recognized for doing something good. I'm proud of my kids pretty much all the time, but that nearly brings me to tears. He's such a neat kid. Can't wait to see how he turns out!

My friend Martina has a daughter that's about 8 mos older than Jack and she has some toys that she's outgrown. So Jack got some new toys for his birthday and then he got MORE new toys from his friend! One of them is a Little Tykes xylophone which we've never had so that's really cool. His therapists are gonna be happy about the new variety of "stuff".

Madelyn has a couple of friends interested in the book series "Twilight" by Stephanie Meyer. They told her she really has to get into it. With the movie out today, she and I have been reading like crazy so we can go see it. We both finished the first one, and she's working on the second, and we both are really enjoying them. Tomorrow we go to the movie with one of her dance friends and one of my dance mom friends! Yay! A movie, and we get to hang with our friends! Hope the movie is as good as the book!

Last Sun, I realized Tyler's birthday was coming up this Sat (tomorrow)! So we hurried up and decided what he wanted to do (he was really in no hurry to figure it out, can you believe it?), and I called his friends (well, their parents) and the party was tonight! We took the boys out for pizza and then came back here and they played video games. They stuffed themselves full of ice cream at the restaurant so we didn't even have cake but that's okay, it'll give us something fun to do tomorrow, on his real birthday! He's such a neat kid! I kept asking him "what do you want to do?" and he kept saying "play with my friends" so that's what we did. He's so easy, and doesn't complain, and just pretty much goes with the flow. I guess that's 'cause he has a big brother that he'd do anything for and a big sister that flips out over nothing and anything. He has an amazing sense of humor, he's so smart, and cute, and loves to take care of Jack. I would so fall in love with him if I were an unrelated 9 or 10 year old girl!

Tomorrow is our movie, an open house for Chistmas gift stuff at my friend Adrienne's, and more birthday fun (I saved our presents to give him). Sun we get to chill. Since I don't have any pics of tonight yet, here's a rare one of me and Jack:

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