Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Every 2 Weeks.....

Jack gets sick every 2 weeks. Or, it's the same cold and just flares up again but it's every 2 weeks, on a Tues. It happens to be the same Tues that his OT and ST are scheduled on. So we've missed a few. Today he woke up with a fever again so we missed OT and I left a messsage for ST. She didn't get it and showed up anyway but it worked out because he had some ibuprofen about a 1/2 and hour earlier and was actually feeling better. We'll see what happens when the medicine wears off!

Thanksgiving is in 2 days! My parents are coming to visit so that'll be fun. Then getting ready for Christmas will begin in earnest! One of my favorite times of the year - decorating, buying presents, Christmas music - love it! I've ordered my Christmas cards and have started trying to figure out where to put the tree this year (we re-arranged the living room). I'm thinking Jack will really enjoy Christmas this year, the lights and cookies and all. Hope my hubby can get the lights on the house this weekend!

I'm having fun putting pics on every time so here's a pic from last year (getting ready to put up the lights):

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RK said...

Goodness, I'm sorry there's more sickness going on! Hope you have a great holiday tomorrow and everyone is feeling great!!