Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Doing Good!

Jack is doing good this week! 'Course this isn't his fever week so nothing I didn't expect. Still has the yucky nose and cough once in a great while. He's happy and eating and sleeping normally so we'll just deal I guess.

I've been thinking about how in love with that little man I am. I know I was head-over-heels for my other wee ones too, but I'm nuts for Jack. Is it because he's still little? Or an unexpected blessing? Is it more intense because there's extra protectiveness because of his ds? I don't know. It's not the "he can do no wrong" kind of obsessed - he certainly has his moments. I just can't seem to get enough of him. I love to watch him explore and examine, and listen to him "talk" to things he's looking at. I love to kiss him, even his little cute toes. When we go out shopping or to run errands somewhere, I'm so proud of him. I've never seen anyone look at him with less than a "oh what a cute baby" look, or maybe I just don't see any other. How blessed I am!

Thinking of Jack's moments, this is a new one. He loves the dog's water. That's not new. He sticks his fingers in it; he puts toys in it; he dumps it on the floor so he can play in it. Drives me nuts! So I (we) try to pick it up when he's up and playing, and keep an eye on it when we put in down for the poor thirsty doggy. Sometimes we forget. This morning, I forgot. So I'm in the other room, signing on to the computer and I hear him splashing in the dog water. I jump up and run to the kitchen saying "Jackson, you know you aren't supposed to play in the dog's water!" and I pick up the bowl and put it on the counter. By the time I turn around he's picked up and is handing me the dog's food bowl, giant grin on his face! So he doesn't have any words yet, no signs except "milk", but he KNOWS. This has happened a couple of times recently, all evidence he understands, even though he isn't talking. I LOVE that! I love that he's getting things, and growing, and is such a little stinker!

Have I mentioned how much he loves hats? He's a bit obsessed. He has several of his own, but any hat where he can get it is good. So our pic today is of Jack wearing Ty's knit hat. He put it on all by himself! What a hoot!


RK said...

Yay for a good week...hope he has a few in a row!

And yes, let's get together. We're open on Friday... in case you've got some time.

heidi marie said...

i'm glad you are having a good week! henry is finally get over being sick as well. i'm sorry we couldn't meet up. the past few weeks were a mess:(