Saturday, December 20, 2008

'Tis The Season.........

To Neglect Your Blog, FA LA LA LA, LA LA LA LA!

Or maybe that's only if you're me!

I've very much enjoyed having a blog. I just always get overwhelmed this time of year. Plus I got a Facebook account. Very Addicting! To catch up:

We've had 2 "Winter Concerts", 1 snow day, and 1 cancelled "Winter Concert" due to inclement weather. (They used to be Christmas Concerts but the names apparently had to be changed. Christmas music is still played or sung however.) The tree is up, most of the presents are purchased, and most of the cards have gone out (the rest will go tomorrow, that is my goal). We had Jack's 2 year-old pic taken, and a family one as well. I still have to finish cleaning so I can get the rest of the decorations up and wrap! The kids are now home for break and I am so happy!

Jack re-cap:
He's starting to use some signs. Some are coming easier than others, and some are "modified" by Jack. Whatever, I'm thrilled he's doing it! He's starting to run, and it's hilarious! His balance still isn't the best, but when he tries to run, his little feet go a hundred miles an hour, but only move a couple of inches at a time! So he's taking these tiny little steps but very quickly. If I can get it on video I'll post it. He also still loves hats and now is putting on his little Santa hat when he gets ahold of it. So cute! And I'm really hoping not to jinx us, but still no fever or signs of illness! Yay! He has a tiny bit of snotty nose, but it's not runny and we all seem to be having nose issues - I think because it's so dry in the house with the weather being so cold.

Jack has also been playing the piano a lot lately, especially when M sits down to play. Notice he found he can stand in his little chair to get to the keys! Our PT says this could be a great activity to get him standing on tip-toes or going up and down a small step, like the phone book, to get to the keys. It seems to be working great! (Sorry about the incredibly messy house - I'm working on it, I promise!)


RK said...

YOU are neglecting!?!?!? You accomplish more than pretty much anyone else I know!

We're just sitting in our petry dish of a house trying to figure out how to get rid of this cold stuff!! Have a very Merry Christmas! Hope to see you guys soon.

Julie said...

Unfortunately for you, one of my favorite remedies is drinking a glass (or so) of wine (alchohol kills germs doncha know?). But is you think of something else I could do for you, let me know! Hope to see you soon too!

gillian said...

Hey Julie! SO glad to find your blog. Love catching up on Jack.

Thanks for adding Evie!

datri said...

Facebook is an evil time sucker -- notice my lack of blog posts as well, LOL!