Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lake Trip – part 2

Everybody loves water.  We have all decided that we should live here!



Dasha has learned to swim!  See how far away she got by herself?  She’s really out there!


Okay, just kidding.  Andrew is with her but we made him go under for the pic!  See the ripply spot to the left of Dashlyn?  That’s him.

And here’s the house and dock and the dock and boat– it’s the last one in the cove.  Best spot on the lake!  It’s shallow enough that we can stand until you get just about 1/2 way across the cove, but deep enough to dock a boat.  And very calm water – rarely do we get big waves so it’s super good swimming.  Perfect!



I have to show off the inside of the house.  My in-laws are updating a bit (even though it was already gorgeous) so there’s no flooring but there will be some beautiful Pergo down soon.  It’s a lake house so it’s all about easy maintenance ya know!

The kitchen:


And 2 of the living room:



I didn’t take any of the bedrooms or bathrooms – I forgot.  (The upstairs bath is really cute.)  Next year I can post pics of those rooms and the pretty new floor!

Thanks Mom & Dad!  We had an amazing time!