Monday, February 25, 2013

Snow Day – part deux

Madelyn set up our redneck snow slide (complete with tree truck sections to prop it up!).


Andrew decided to try a snow angel and got a little “help” from the littles!


My little snow princess :)


They buried Andrew (at his request).


Jack loved that!


Then he decided to bury himself in the snow!


Queen of the snow pile (yes, that’s M) and Ty checking out the snow slide from the deck.

P1060787 P1060792

They lasted longer than I thought they would out there, and after all the playing, Andrew & M shoveled the walkway and the driveway!  Then we all enjoyed hot chocolate and movies.  I love snow days.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Snow day!

When we went to bed we already knew school was cancelled. When we got up, nothing. It was cold but not super cold, and there was nothing on the ground. Honestly, I was fine with that. A day to sleep in and chill and do whatever? Okay! Now, things are much more snowy out there (pics later) but things are awesome in here! Look at my cuddling girls, so sweet.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My girl

Really, I get to call this beautiful person my very own daughter? She's on her way to a basketball game and I made her stop for a moment so I could take this pic. It's going too fast, this growing up of my babies. Wasn't I just celebrating that she had enough hair for a ponytail? Or reminding her to sit still so I could finish applying nail polish to her tiny little toes? It's awesome watching her grow into an amazing young woman, but I admit to missing the little bitty girl sometimes too. Good thing someday she'll be my friend, as well as my daughter.