Sunday, September 14, 2008

Yep - I'm a bad blogger! Can't seem to find the time to sit and do a proper post. I have lots to say, too!Let me try to start here:Last weekend, Jack and M and I went to a meet-up of moms and dads and kids from a forum I belong to that's about Down Syndrome. These are people I "speak with" on a regular basis but most of them, I've never laid eyes on! I consider all of them friends though, so I was really excited to go to this event. Oh my gosh, I was NOT disappointed! So fun! We spent several hours at a rec plex, where we had space to let the kids walk, or crawl, or run around and play on soft "equipment" while us grown-ups talked. There was even a pool so some of us swam for awhile (yep, M and I took Jack and let him splash!). Then we all had dinner together and afterwards, sat in the lobby and chatted away while the kids had planty of room to play on the floor. My friend Adrienne and her 3 kids drove up with us, and we split the cost of the hotel room too. Worked out great! Here's a couple of photos:

M and Jack and a couple of friends:

The HUGE play area we got to use:

A group shot of SOME of the families before we all left Sun. morning:

Adrienne's lovely daughter Regan took some amazing photos, and those 2 framed a couple of special ones for me and M - I hope to post a pic of those some day soon.

Also, we have some really special news! A few weeks ago I realized I hadn't seen Jack crawl in a couple of days! That's right - he's officially a walker!! I'll try to get a short video of that but my computer has trouble reading this memory card of videos so I'll have to try a different one.

I'm sure I have more news but I'll post again later so I can stretch it out a bit!

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