Saturday, May 23, 2009

Catch-Up Post

Let's see, since my last post the following things have occurred:

All 3 kids had their end-of-the-year orchestra concerts. Very enjoyable for parents ("look - they're really learning something!") but not so much for non-parents.

M went to Six Flags with her orchestra class and had a great time, even though it rained the first 3 hours they were there.

We went to open house at the school Ty will go to next year. Sad, sad, sad for me, as this means there is no one left at the elementary school that we spent the last 11 years attending. I don't do change well, (especially when it isn't my idea!), so the whole idea of this is freaking me out.

Al & I celebrated our 19th anniversary on the 19th! A once-in-a-lifetime event! We marked the occasion by attending Andrew's concert at the high school, and then taking the kids out for ice cream. For my anniversary. Kids. Ice cream. Not what I would have picked. But it did taste good.

Now for the best part. Well, the best part if you have known me for 20 years and you know what this will mean to me. 'Nuf said.

(To those of you who "get" this - I love you)


RK said...

Well if it isn't a teenage driver in a red Camaro... dangerous combination if you ask me! Watch out, girls, here he comes:)

Julie said...

Let's just be thankful that car cannot talk! It obviously needs work, but we'll have that taken care of this summer (YAY!!).