Sunday, July 26, 2009

Crazy Summer

We've done a lot of stuff this summer. It surprizes me when I think about it. We have less money than usual this year, and yet we've managed to do lots of fun things. I logged on to post about our latest adventure when I started thinking about it. We've managed to do things without spending much, and now I'm monitoring myself pretty closely as far as expenditures. Everyone is having money issues these days, it's time for me to start taking spending seriously. Maybe we can manage a debt-free Christmas this year!

Last week I took the younger 3 kids to Texas! The first night we stopped in Arkansas to visit some friends that moved there a few years ago. Haven't seem them since. It was really a wonderful visit. I missed you Janice! I hope we can do it again soon.

The next few days we stayed with one of my closest friends from college. They moved to TX a couple years ago and man, I miss her and her family. I truly love her kids and it was so great to get hugs from them when we pulled up! The little one was only 2 the last time I saw her. I took pics I will post.

Jack shared in all these adventures, just like any of the other kids. I shared some messages with a friend from a ds forum a while back - about how it surprises some to know that our kids are just kids, and can participate in our family life just like "typical" kids. She had just gotten back from a water park with her little ds angel. My hubby is a laid-back, no stress kind of guy, so when we got the news about Jack's ds (sorry if I've told this before), his response was "whatever, as long as he goes camping with us". I guess I never thought about him not doing whatever it is the rest of us do. I worried about him getting teased when he got older, or having a job he loves, or what would happen when dh and I die. Mostly I don't worry about that stuff anymore (no more than I do for the others anyway!) I see my Cap'n Jack growing and learning, having friends, and enjoying his family. I'll worry about the other stuff later.


heidi marie said...

looks like you guys had so much fun!!!! where were you at in texas....hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmMMMMM?? ;)

Julie said...

We were in Allen. I posted I was going there, didn't I?!

Monica Crumley said...

You have a great outlook on Jack and his role in the family. He's such a handsome guy!