Friday, June 11, 2010

Jack's last day of the school year (well, almost)

(I added 3 posts today! Woo Hoo! So keep reading!)

So this is the next-to-last day. See the day I took these pics I thought it was the last day. Turns out, he had one more day. But this was a seriously good day!

Can you tell what this is? (Inside the big bowl!) Yep, it's ice cream!

Everyone got to add something to the giant sundae. Jack added sprinkes!

Braska added MORE sprinkles!

And here it is - the biggest Preschool flavored ice cream sundae I've ever seen!

Look who showed up to help enjoy the ice's Kinlee!

Yummy! And really cooooold!

And a kiss for Mommy is even better than ice cream!


RK said...

Good pics... I keep meaning to snag those off your card and just forgot. I'll just link to you maybe. :o)

Julie said...

And I need to get the actual last day pics from you!