Saturday, August 7, 2010

Jack's School Issues

Okay, a couple of posts ago I was ranting about Jack's school. I am not going to take back anything I said because I still think it's accurate. However, I do have an update. The problem began when I was given a call to say that Jack would be placed in the afternoon class when school starts. My immediate reaction was, "hmm, that may not work, he still takes a nap in the afternoon". So I called the person I thought could help me and told them I didn't think his placement would work and although very nice, I was basically told "oh well". Now we all know that Jack's good buddy is in his class as well. Initially, we didn't want to compare notes because we don't want school to think we are ganging up on them and what good would it do really, but I knew they were having the same issue. But for health and performance reasons, they were more than happy to pull her from school (she learns better at home anyway). (Yes, at some point we had compared notes and analyzed every conversation either of us had. But like I said, we were tying not to.) I was surprisingly hesitant to pull Jack, but after thinking about it for awhile, I was looking forward to keeping him home. I was a little concerned because that meant no professional therapy (no our insurance wouldn't be helpful), but I was ready to give it a go here on our own.

Now keep in mind, all this is happening on the verge of and at the beginning of our vacation. (We went to FL for the National Down Syndrome Congress Convention, and a few days of fun in the sun. More on that later.) So I wasn't quite as invested or po'd as if I'd been at home. But surprise, surprise, I got a call from buddy's mama (yes, you all know who it is), who said school had been calling my house and I should call them back. Guess what? They had some staffing changes and Jack is now in a morning class. Very interesting. I don't know why, but we're back in business. I was a little sad that I don't get to keep him (but c'mon, he's still 3 and it's pre-school soooooo they can count on Jack not having perfect attendance if ya know what I mean). But it will be nice after Dashlyn comes home to have some time to spend just with her, and Jack will have his therapies, and he will get to hang with some friends which he does enjoy.

Bottom line - once again I realized how much I HATE other people telling me what to do with my own kid, but things have worked out quite nicely. Next week may be a completely different story.

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Ellen Stumbo said...

I don't like to be told either...and Nichole is almost 3, which means "school."
Not sure what we will do!