Monday, November 29, 2010

Gee, I’m just a little behind here

But I have a good excuse!  Ever since we got our travel date for Dashlyn’s country, I’ve been running around like a mad person.  (Go see what we’ve been up to here.)  First there was the packing and prep for Allan and I to go.  Then before we left there was the little matter of a certain little boy’s FOURTH BIRTHDAY!! 


It happened to be the same day as his class Fall Party.  The kids got to dress up in their Halloween costumes if they wanted.  Can you tell what he was?  We didn’t waver much from the “Jack” theme because we said he was “Jack Skeleton”, not Skellington.   I found the cutest little skeleton jammies that work great as a costume.  (Someone else got cute little matching pink skeleton jammies!)  His teachers were nice enough to let us combine his birthday with the fall party so that was fun.

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There was cupcakes and games and music time!  How cool is that for a party??  And we even got a sneak peek of a sweet little bumble bee even though she really isn’t in Jack’s class:


(She snuck her mommy in the picture with her!)  Then after school we took the kids to eat lunch out at a Dairy Queen with a play place!

072 073 074

Kiki was there too, just not real excited about getting her picture taken.

After naps and the big kids came home from school, we had the family celebration.  4 years, I can’t even believe it.  Since we wanted a Costco cake and didn’t order it in advance, we had to pick what was available.  We were going to add SpongeBob and yellow sprinkles so white icing it was:


Little man’s big gift was a scooter!  Hopefully we’ll have some nice weather so he can ride outside.


Then the next day was Andrew’s last high school football game. :(  How did we get here?  4 years of practice, work-outs, and games.  It was truly fun to cheer on the team and watch my son grow into a young man.  It was really hard for the guys to be finished, and hard for us moms (and dads) too.  The last game happened to be Senior Night, where all the senior sports players are recognized.

002 004


How quickly it’s gone by.  How quickly this little baby has grown.  And how very proud his dad and I are of him!  I tried to warn him that this year, his senior year in high school, is going to be very emotional for me and he just needs to accept that his mom is going to be a puddle of tears all year.  Everything he does will be emotional – the last football game, the last Christmas concert, the last dance, and then……….graduation.  How will I ever get through that??

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