Thursday, September 30, 2010

31 for 21!

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Guess what tomorrow is?!

The first day of October! So we all know what that means - Down syndrome Awareness Month! So, once again I'm going to attempt to blog once each day in honor of this month. Hopefully, I will make it.

Enjoy all the other blogs!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Ds Forum Meet-Up!

What a lovely week-end I just had.  Many fun people that I know mainly from Ds forums came into my town, where I live, and we had a blast!  We had a small group for pizza Fri night.  Kids played and parents met.


Sat morning we all met at an indoor playground where there was more playing and chatting.



Look at that little man!  Isn’t he just precious?  His name is Micah.  We had a wonderful time together.  I will add a link to his mom’s blog in the next post.

We split up into smaller groups for lunch and naps, then met up at a very accommodating restaurant for dinner.  That was our biggest group of the weekend.  After I steal a decent pic from someone else, I will post one of that group.  After dinner, we split up into smaller groups again, some at the hotel and some other places.  RK graciously let a few of us invade her house For a little while.

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Jackson was very much in love with Ellen!  That pic doesn’t show it well, but he couldn’t get enough of her hair, and hugging her.  (Don’t worry Braska!  He will soon realize the age difference is too big to make it work between he and Ellen!!)

Sunday morning a few of us went to church, then McDonalds for lunch.  I wish I had pics of that!  Then again, we split up for naps, and met for dinner at a nice large room at RK’s church where we assembled sandwiches, ate salad and watched the kids run crazy and have fun.


Here’s beautiful Sienna and her mommy Lorene.  More pics coming soon!