Monday, May 14, 2012


I have waaay too many of these, but it's time for me to get a couple of things down before I forget. Madelyn was inducted into NHS (National Honor Society), along with several of her friends. We were very proud of her.
Both Madelyn and Tyler had their Spring Orchestra concerts, and they participated in the annual All-District concert where all the students in orchestra in the whole district play a few seperate songs and then a couple together. The lower grades play the same songs every year (that's where they all start, after all). But it occured to me the other night that I've heard those same songs 9 years in a row + 3 kids practicing at home. I should could be really sick of them. But I'm not. I'm a person who takes comfort in the expected, the routine, the planned. So it was nice, and comforting, to hear some familiar songs and fun to hear some new ones. Of course I got no pics of my violinists, they were too excited to get ice cream after the concert with their friends! Tyler was confirmed into our church last Sunday. We're Methodists. Confirmation is a time to learn about our faith, and our church, bond with the rest of the Confirmation class, and learn about other faiths. They went on a couple of overnight trips and had a great time. Ty told me any time he came home what a good time he had. That, in itself, is huge. But that it involved church was extra huge. After the past month, that was a giant comfort to my heart.
Jack's big kindergarten IEP is coming up. This is the meeting where we will determine Jack's present level of performance, placement for next year, and set some goal he will work toward in kindergarten. Now quite honestly, I have visited our home school, where I thought Jack would attend, where all the other kids went, where I know people and feel comfortable, and I don't think it is the place for him. Breaks. My. Heart. And I am not exaggerating. I left the school that day with a lump in my throat and a tight chest, and I wondered what the heck I was going to do. So I pulled my mommy hat on tighter and decided to visit another school in the district that I had heard good things about. Now I should explain, I am very happy with our school district overall. Yes, we've had a couple of issues but they've been resolved in a manner that's given me confidence in the district in general. I don't want my kids in private school. I've never been given convincing evidence that they're better than our district here. So ANYWAY, I went to visit this other school. The principal is someone I was familiar with (and have a good opinion of). The building and the people I encountered there were welcoming. The set-up for kids with special needs seems accommidating to all levels of functioning, easily adapable to different personalities, and eager to learn what works for each child. Jack would have access to a regular kindergarten class, and a special ed class. (Don't hate me for not being all about inclusion - I'm all about what works for my kid and he would be lost in a regular class all day, even with a 1:1 para. I want him to be successful and included where it will be the most beneficial to him.) So that will be coming up soon and I'm sure I'll have a big report on that.

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