Sunday, June 9, 2013

Where to begin…

We had a snowstorm on Madelyn’s birthday.  Although it was a huge inconvenience, it was beautiful!


Less than a week later, Easter.


That was the best pic.  Sad.

Less than a month later, Madelyn went to prom!

P1060981 P1060971


Jackson’s art teacher picked one of his projects to include in the annual art show at an actual gallery :)


(His is the picture of the chicks.  They used little sponges.)

We had end-of-the school year stuff – last concerts, field trips, parties, and holy cow – Jackson had kindergarten graduation!  Cute, cute, cute!


The best teacher IN THE WORLD!!

On the very last day of school (making a very rare blog appearance) TYLER graduated 8th grade!


This means we now have a high school freshman in da house!!  Even though I don’t post much about this kid, I love him to pieces!

And coming up in it’s very own post, the Jack & Dasha dance concert!  The day after that we finally began our summer break.  Whew.

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