Monday, March 31, 2014

About Andrew…

This post really should go on his own page.  Maybe I’ll move it later.  Can I do that?  Anyway;

Andrew got a new car.  He bought it with his own money.  It was a little bit of a debate – should we use that money for this car or save it for college, which was it’s purpose.  But we decided that since he will be going away to college and the Camaro isn’t long distance load ready, and he had the cash to pay for the car (no loan), and this car will last him through college at least, it was a good idea to do it.

Since we are car people and Allan is THE car guy, we always have specific requirements for a vehicle.  This car meets them all :).  (I won’t bore anyone with the list haha.)  And also important, this particular vehicle was on Andrew’s list as a car he would drive!

So here it is -


Pretty right?  1999 Dodge Avenger.  Andrew is very happy with it.  Like I said, this car was on his short list of “what I would drive if I could (realistically) pick anything”.  It was even first, I believe.  There’s a whole ‘nother “the sky is the limit” car list, of course.

It’s a little bit of an adjustment to stop driving the Camaro.  He is soooo my son.  I’d still be driving it too.  Love that car.  It wants to go!  Someday, it will have all it’s “issues” fixed and I WILL drive it again.  Anyway, there is this road.  It’s fairly new, very out-of-the-way, not much of anything on it, very untraveled.  So it’s almost a requirement to go very fast on it.  Very fast.  Even in the mini van, I can’t resist.  So even though my outside voice says to Andrew “don’t go too fast and get a ticket”, my inside my head voice says “how fast did you go today???”.  The new car has been broken in lol.

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