Thursday, June 12, 2008

Another new thing!

Okay, so we all know Jack's strong points do NOT include speech. We're trying, but this is a slow area for him. So today at nap time, we picked a new book that has a puppy on every page and you have to find it. So I was saying "where's the puppy? Oh HERE he is!" and using Jack's little fat pointing finger to point out the puppy. Well I'll be darned but he got it! He pointed by himself and then he used my finger to point! What a smarty!

His other new thing is swimming! Last year when we tried to go to the pool, he did NOT like it. We decided it was because the water was chillier than bath water. So we were kinda worried about going this year. But it was just the opposite! M was holding him while I was getting sunscreened and he was wiggling like crazy. When she finally got him near the water he was so excited! He splashed and kicked and had a great time! I actually have a couple of photos of this that maybe I will get to share later.

We're getting ready to camp again! And I'm finally feeling better just in time. (If you missed it, I was just sure I was dying for a few days there.) Camping will be sooo much better when Jack can walk around. I was really hoping he'd have it by now. Oh well, maybe soon.

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