Thursday, June 5, 2008

It's the FIRST week of summer break!


We've already gone to the pool and the library. We already have a child with a foot infection and have to avoid the pool for a few days. We're sleeping late. We've had breakfast for lunch. We've watched movies LATE. We are LOVING break!

Okay, I have a funny to share. The other day, I had to run an errand and left Cap'n Jack here with M. When I got home, they were playing in the living room and Jack was shirtless. Thinking there must have been a big mess, I asked, "why doesn't he have his shirt on?". M leaned over and rubbed his back and said "because he's soft". Hee, hee.

We (Jack and I) also got to meet a new friend! A beautiful little girl named Braska. She's a month younger than Jack. Braska wrote about it on her blog:
Way, way cute!

What am I grateful for today?
1. Duh - summer break!
2. Jack is taking one step at a time!
3. My kids are playing - TOGETHER!
4. I have had the most amazing friend since 7th grade! (love you Lori!)

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