Friday, June 13, 2008

More New Stuff!

Okay, we have new stuff to share! These pics are out of order 'cause I did this wrong but I don't have the patience to fix it so there you go.

First, (or third, really) is we went to the Buddy Walk! It was lots of fun but it was HOT HOT HOT!! There were no little guy shirts so I had to make one for Cap'n Jack. Here's Jack, showing off his shirt:

That was after the actual walk. We found a great spot under a tree where it was a bit cooler and then we didn't last long.

Our next new thing is swimming! Last year, Jack didn't like the pool at all! We decided it was because the water was chillier than bath water. This year, he LOVES it! You can't even get near the edge before he starts moving those arms and legs so he can SPLASH!! I don't think you can tell but yes, his little trunks and hat have skulls and cross bones on them! And the swim shirt has one big skull right in the center!

And lastly (or firstly, really), Jack likes his little bitty bike. He can sit on it really well but is still learning to move those little feet. This pic looks like "No photos please - I'm just a regular guy!"

I'm sure we have more updates but that's enough for now, don't you think?! Three guesses what I'm grateful for this week!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Another new thing!

Okay, so we all know Jack's strong points do NOT include speech. We're trying, but this is a slow area for him. So today at nap time, we picked a new book that has a puppy on every page and you have to find it. So I was saying "where's the puppy? Oh HERE he is!" and using Jack's little fat pointing finger to point out the puppy. Well I'll be darned but he got it! He pointed by himself and then he used my finger to point! What a smarty!

His other new thing is swimming! Last year when we tried to go to the pool, he did NOT like it. We decided it was because the water was chillier than bath water. So we were kinda worried about going this year. But it was just the opposite! M was holding him while I was getting sunscreened and he was wiggling like crazy. When she finally got him near the water he was so excited! He splashed and kicked and had a great time! I actually have a couple of photos of this that maybe I will get to share later.

We're getting ready to camp again! And I'm finally feeling better just in time. (If you missed it, I was just sure I was dying for a few days there.) Camping will be sooo much better when Jack can walk around. I was really hoping he'd have it by now. Oh well, maybe soon.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Jackson Walking!

This is a quick one-

I went to Target last night and left Jack with M. When I got home, this is what I saw:

Woo Hoo!! Yay to Jack and Double Yay to Madelyn! Thanks, Bitty Girl :)

Thursday, June 5, 2008

It's the FIRST week of summer break!


We've already gone to the pool and the library. We already have a child with a foot infection and have to avoid the pool for a few days. We're sleeping late. We've had breakfast for lunch. We've watched movies LATE. We are LOVING break!

Okay, I have a funny to share. The other day, I had to run an errand and left Cap'n Jack here with M. When I got home, they were playing in the living room and Jack was shirtless. Thinking there must have been a big mess, I asked, "why doesn't he have his shirt on?". M leaned over and rubbed his back and said "because he's soft". Hee, hee.

We (Jack and I) also got to meet a new friend! A beautiful little girl named Braska. She's a month younger than Jack. Braska wrote about it on her blog:
Way, way cute!

What am I grateful for today?
1. Duh - summer break!
2. Jack is taking one step at a time!
3. My kids are playing - TOGETHER!
4. I have had the most amazing friend since 7th grade! (love you Lori!)