Saturday, February 7, 2009

Since my Last Post

We've done a lot of stuff. Jack has learned to climb up on the couch, and he tries to repeat almost every sign I show him. He also has been spinning himself in circles for awhile now but I keep forgetting to brag about that. I had a birthday (yes, it was my 29th!), and I got to go out to dinner a couple of times. One was my birthday dinner with Allan and the kids. Red Lobster - YUM! The kids behaved so well and we had a great time. It was really special and nice. The other 2 times weren't about the food. I got to go meet a friend on my new favorite forum. She's from LA so it was a really special meet-up. Her Carson is just a bit older than Jack and sounds like they have a few things in common. It was so great to meet Kayla. Then, last night I got to go to dinner with Braska's mom RK, and our friend Adrienne. It was kind of a baby shower dinner for RK, as she's due literally any second now.

We had a really funny thing happen at dinner. When we came in, we had RK's gift bag with us, all pink with a cute girly saying on it. It was sitting on the table next to the very pregnant RK. After we had eaten and ordered dessert, the waitstaff started clapping and singing Happy Birthday and they were headed our way! So all 3 of us were looking around like who's having the birthday? and wouldn't ya know, they stopped right by us! We kept looking at each other trying to decide if we should say something or not and finally decided to keep our mouths shut and just laughed our heads off after they left! And here's the kicker - they CHARGED us for the dessert! It was an interesting evening all the way around but SO much fun! This story is so funny, go read RK's post about it. Her version is better than mine!

Oh and one other fun thing we did, we had a snow day! We got several inches so the kids got to actually play in the snow this time. It was Jack's first time to play in the snow and he loved it! I stood him up in it but he kept bending down to put his fingers and face in it. I finally sat him down so he could just play in that wet stuff and he had lots of fun! Here's his little cutie patootie self:

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