Friday, February 13, 2009

We had a Good Day!

I shouldn't be surprised. It DOES happen once in awhile. There was no school because of parent/teacher conferences so we got to sleep in and hang out this morning. Then I went to lunch with 2 wonderful friends and the kids stayed home and kept Jack for me. After that, a bit of shopping (M bought herself a new mp-3 player) and we took Andrew to meet some friends for a movie and stay all night with them. Then dinner, and M made some Valentines cookies that were just yummy! (Pic coming soon.)

In other news, the house is a wreck, still haven't done our taxes, I desperately NEED to get our paperwork organized, and dishes and laundry are starting to pile up again. What the heck?! Someday I will live in a house that is semi-presentable and I will know where all our stuff is at any given time. I'm trying to do something every day. Clean something, do at least one load of laundry, and sort one section of the house at a time. Some spots are easier than others. Here in another month or so, it will be time to go through the kids clothes again, and see what fits and what needs to go away. It would be nice to get some of this other stuff done first so it's not all hanging over my head at once.

Also, Jack's buddy Braska has a new sister. Her name is Kinlee Carene and she was born 2-9-09. What an exciting day that was! It was last Mon., when Jack and Braska had school. Braska's Grandma took her to school that day and RK had asked me to go over to their house so they could follow us to school. No problem, except I was daydreaming or something and forgot to turn in to school at the right place! But we got there okay, and then Braska's grandma was able to pick her up later without having to follow me (good thing for her!). So go see the cute baby and oooo and ahhh over her like I did!

Last but not least, this is my 100th post! Exciting? Not really, but it is a milestone of sorts. How long do you think it'll take to reach 200? Another year? Maybe!

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