Thursday, February 25, 2010


Boring, boring. We have not much to report. I have been watching the olympics which, if anyone knows me, you know I NEVER do that. My mom has always loved the olympics, winter & summer, but I was just not interested. I've learned the difference between luge and skeleton, got emotionally involved in men's figure skating (that rude Russian guy - what a baby!), and stayed up 'til midnight watching speed skating! Crazy!

Jack has become a little wild man lately - even worse than usual. He was trying to empty the cabinet of pots & pans tonight, then remove my make-up from it's drawer in the bathroom, and finally dumped a snack of cereal onto the carpet in the living room at which time Mommy decided it was time for bed! He wears me out! But that adorable little smile gets him out of trouble every time. I tell him all the time how very much I love him. :)

Time to finish watching women's figure skating! Will it be as exciting as snowboarding with Shaun White? No, but the outfits are cuter!

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