Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Had a nice day

Look, it's Jack in the box!! (hee hee)

Jack is on spring break this week. The big kids aren't. So he and I have had 2 days to hang out and watch TV and eat snacks and play! I forgot how nice it is to not have to rush to get him to school on time in the morning. I forgot how silly he is, and how fun it is to watch him play. I mean, I guess I didn't really forget, just temporarily forgot. We have a couple places to go tomorrow, but we should have time to come home and hang out some more before lunch and nap. I know school is good for him, and he gets therapy there. But c'mon, he's THREE. He needs to play. And not have a schedule. And I should get to enjoy him.


Runningmama said...

Just found your blog from another DS blog I follow, my 10 month old daughter has DS too. The picture of Jack with the chocolate milk is so funny!

Kelli @ livinglifewithes.blogspot.com

Ria said...

haha!! love the Jack in the box photo.