Friday, April 8, 2011

Go Visit my Friend Sarah's blog!

Sarah and her family are bringing home "Taylah", who is just adorable! (Click on Sarah's name to go to the blog.)

See? Isn't she precious?!

And if you scroll down to the Apr 2 post on Sarah's blog, you will see a fun, free givaway! All she asks is that you share her blog (on your blog or facebook or Twitter, or whatever), become a follower of her blog, or follow Reece's Rainbow on Twitter to qualify for a chance to enter. Easy, right? And check the prize - so cute!

There are SOOOOO many family bringing home kids through Reece's Rainbow right now. It's amazing and awesome. I'll be trying to post about a family weekly. They can all use our support and encouragement, even if that means just a quick prayer. Maybe it's because I'm super nosy, but I love "meeting" these families and getting to know them a little and following their journey to bring home a little one (or two, sometimes).

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