Friday, April 1, 2011

Day 2

Take a photo of a random part of your day and tell us about it:


Okay, I admit this photo was not taken today, but it could have been!  I looked for the messiest one I could find and this is it, even though it certainly isn’t the messiest this room usually is.  At least once, sometimes twice or 3 times a day I pick up all the toys and put them where they live.  Then I do it again the next day.  I gate them in sometimes, helps contain the mess!  The 2 littles have lots of fun playing, wrestling, and making messes.  I’m working on a plan to have “table time” every day where we get out play dough or one of the many toys I’ve put away to play with only under supervision since parts and pieces seem to disappear when I let them be available whenever.  Until now I haven’t had the energy ;).  So that’s our typical day, playing, watch Signing Time, take Jack to school and pick him up, feed people, clean something.

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