Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 1

Meaning Behind Your Blog Name

This one is easy.  When we were expecting Jack, we had to pick out his name.  We knew he was a boy, and the whole family LOVED the Pirates of the Caribbean movies (I admit it, I was obsessed.)  Cap’n Jack Sparrow was the most interesting, fun character we’d seen.  We wanted our little baby with Down syndrome to have a fun and easy name that also could be strong.  Jack fit perfectly.  So we named him Jackson because all the kids have ended up with names that can be shortened.  When I started the blog, we already knew our little guy was running the house, hence we’re all the crew!  Adding “The Adventures” wasn’t very original, but it worked.  And of course now that we have Dashlyn, she’s another member of the crew!  I keep thinking I should change the header pic to one of all of us, but I’ll have to get one taken first!

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